Why EMP?

# Are you someone who has a big vision about your life but don’t really know where to start?
# Would you like to create an impact but don’t have a network of people who would support you?
# Have you ever wondered why some people are living their lives in happiness, fulfilment and success, while the others are regretting and wondering why things are not happening for them?
# Are you confused about what should be the next steps in your life and career path?

What is EMP?

Enlightened Minds Program (EMP) is an experiential growth program designed for an exclusive group (Top 1%) of young individuals who are passionate about doing what they love and making a real impact in the world. We would like to invite you for an incredible opportunity to get to know yourself better, find the right tools to reach your goals, connect with enlightened minds, do what you love, get paid to play and create a better world around yourself.

It is a result of 20+ years of the combined experience of the Human Circle founders in the area of personal growth, mentorship, leadership development, consulting, recruitment, life coaching and soft skills training.

After this program you will:

* Have tools to help you get to know yourself better, find your strengths and explore your passion
* Ask the right questions about your interests, goals, career and life
* Understand different models of making money and being financially independent
* Know how to manage your own career and life in a fulfilling way
* Understand where you stand in the employment market and what steps to take to become more competitive
* Learn how to manage your personal brand and build influential connections to help you succeed
* Engage in developing habits for a happy and fulfilling life

This program is for you if:

* You would like to make your career/life more meaningful, fulfilling and passion driven
* You would like to proactively be in charge of your career and life throughout different circumstances and not be dependent on the employer, tests or external situations
* You are entering the job market soon and would like to be more competitive
* You would like to make a change in your career or in life

The Enlightened Minds Program includes the following 5 modules:

Module 1 Be Your Own CEO
Module 2 Get Paid to Play
Module 3 Personal Brand Management
Module 4 The Genius Code
Module 5 My Purpose - My Legacy

The Enlightened Minds Program offers:

1.  5 days of workshops (10 am to 4 pm) with expert personal growth trainers. All sessions are designed to facilitate experiential learning.
2.  Life Coaching/Career Counselling session with an internationally certified professional.
3.  Master classes with 4 amazing mentors and thought leaders with themes like design thinking, vision building, personal finance and networking for jobs.
4.  Evaluation tools, measurements and reports by some of the world's best profiling system organisations.
5.  Certification for the program.
6.  Access to Young India Challenge.
7.  #DoWhatYouLove goodies and merchandise.
8.  A selective group of high potential people (10-15 people per batch).
9.  Access to an exclusive network of like-minded people who practice the #DoWhatYouLove idea.
10.  Opportunities to work (internship/live project/fellowship/job) with startups/companies of our mentors.
11.  Opportunities to volunteer for NGOs in India and abroad.
12.  Opportunities to work on projects for the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

* Time: 10 am to 4 pm
* Venue: Awfis, Connaught Place, New Delhi
* Application is free of cost
* Enlightened Minds Program Fee of Rs 7,500/- to be paid when accepted for the program. The fees can be pain in monthly instalments.
* Need based scholarships are available
* Eligibility - High school students, under-grad/post-grad/recent-grad students, young professionals and entrepreneurs can apply. Applicants should demonstrate intellectual curiosity and the passion to do what they love
* Refer to schedule and the application form for the dates, application deadline and other details about each EMP batch

Note - Members of the Young India Challenge (YIC) alumnini community will get a 20% scholarship on the fees after selection.

Selection Process
Step 1 - Fill this application form
Step 2 - Shortlisted candidates will be invited for the phone interview round
Step 3 - Finalisation and Announcement of the batch with 10-15 candidates

For any queries, write to info@humancircle.in

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