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The Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) strives to ensure all stakeholders contribute to the multi-stakeholder activities in its countries of engagement. Since the start of its country engagements, A4AI has offered financial support to representatives of those civil society organisations that are members of A4AI’s various national coalitions. This support enables these representatives to build their capacity and play active roles in their National Coalition’s activities, including coalition meetings and capacity building workshops.

Please use this form to submit a request for support from A4AI.

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Forthcoming outputs
Please describe some of the details about the forthcoming outputs to be produced by your working group.
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Please describe the contribution that you have made, are making and/or will make to the working group and its production of outputs.
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Benefit for your organization
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Estimated Costs of Participation
Itemized estimate costs
Please provide a description and estimate figure for each cost for which you seek support from A4AI, including accommodation, travel, and other expenses related to your journey. Please be as exact as possible with your estimate and provide a description of the service or good purchased, including the service provider (for transportation and accommodation) and the route traveled (for transportation).
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