Heritage Society Membership Form
Thank you for your intentions of joining Webb's Heritage Society! Informing Webb of your plans to join this special group gives us an opportunity to say thank you, provides you with invitations to the annual dinner and reception at the President's house, and keeps you abreast of the latest developments that may impact your planned gift to Webb. Most importantly, making your efforts known to the Webb family inspires others to follow you in your footsteps!

I/We want to support Webb and help ensure that future generations of Webb students benefit from a full tuition scholarship. This membership form represents my/our commitment to Webb, but it does not represent a legal obligation on my/our part and may be changed at any time.
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The amount of my/our planned gift is (if you are in the position to share this information):
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I/We intend to include Webb in my/our estate plans by the following date:
Whom should Webb contact to help ensure that your giving intentions are carried through beyond your lifetime? Please list name and phone number of spouse, son/daughter, Trustee, or other.
I/We would like our names to appear in the Lenfest Gallery Heritage Society display in Stevenson Taylor Hall. My/our names should appear as:
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If you have any questions please contact Anthony Zic 516-641-6372 or azic@webb.edu. We hope you will join us as one of Webb’s newest members of the Heritage Society at the next reception and dinner at the President's House (2021 date TBD)! Thank you for your generous support of Webb!
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