2 days workshop on Optics and Spectroscopy for Medical Diagnostics
Tinkering lab: Tinkering Lab Technical Workshops Series – 2017

Optical diagnostics occupies a very important place in medical science. In medical applications, the analysis of spatial, time and spectral dependences of the optical radiation permits revealing the characteristics of materials & systems which are hard and in some cases impossible to achieve by other methods. Further, there is a significant scope for research and development in optics and photonics. Hence, our Optical Facility in the Tinkering Lab for inventors and entrepreneurs offers a wide range of optical instruments covering UV-Vis-NIR portion of the electromagnetic spectrum for the characterization of variety of organic, inorganic, biological and environmental samples for application in medical sciences and hardware facilities for prototyping of devices/instruments for medical diagnostics applications. The workshop will provide an in-depth understanding of various concepts in optics and spectroscopy and hands-on experiments, case studies specifically geared towards leveraging Venture Centre, Tinkering lab facilities to realize functional prototypes for various medical diagnostics applications

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