2017 RTP STEM Expo Student Reflection
Hey all! We want to thank you again for attending our 2017 RTP STEM Expo! We're happy that you got to join us in celebrating the wonderful science and technology work being done in and around the Triangle.

This form is meant to allow for you to reflect on your experience at the Expo and how you thought the event went. Please be as honest as possible- we would like to hear about both things that went well as well as areas where we should look to improve.

What grade are you in? *
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What school do you go to? *
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How was your experience with Paths to the Park (the part where different companies and colleges had demos for you to interact with)? *
What did you like? What didn't you like? What exhibits or presentations did you enjoy interacting with? Did you learn something new today?
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How was your experience with the Food Truck Rodeo? *
What did you enjoy? What was your favorite food truck? Anything you'd like to see different there?
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How was your experience with STEM Tank (where you saw students present their ideas and projects)? *
Did you learn a lot from the experiences of the students? Were there any new ideas that you related to/took away?
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How was your experience with Speed Mentoring? *
Did you like the questions? Did you enjoy getting to meet the mentors? Was there something you wish you could've asked but didn't get the chance to? Did it make you want to become more engaged with science or technology activities and fields?
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