Peer Ambassadors 2017-18
Who is a ADHS Peer Ambassador?
Peer Ambassadors are ADHS students who help new students with their transition to ADHS. Peer Ambassadors are reliable, trustworthy, and responsible with an interest for helping other students make a positive transition to ADHS. Peer Ambassadors are diverse in all aspects (grade, gender, ethnicity and background). There is no GPA requirement but regular attendance is mandatory. Anyone in grades 10-12 can apply for the Peer Ambassadors program.

What do ADHS Peer Ambassador's do?
Peer Ambassadors help new students who transfer to ADHS adjust to their new environment so that they have a
positive experience academically and socially.
Peer Ambassadors will be expected to:
-Attend one training session during A or B lunch
-Meet the new student on his/her first day and get to know him/her
-Show him/her around the school and to the classes on the schedule
-Stay on campus to eat lunch with him/her on their first day
-Tell the new student about ADHS rules or policies as well as clubs/ athletics
-Follow up with the new student a few weeks after he/she enrolls

When will we need ADHS Peer Ambassador's?
Peer Ambassadors will meet their new student on the student’s first day. Peer Ambassadors must be able to arrive at
school by 7:10am on their assigned day. Training will be held following the due date of the applications.

Please submit application by June 5, 2017

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