About Us:

White County Central School is a rural school 8 miles from the nearest town.  We are PK-12 with an enrollment of 752 students.   We have a Superintendent, 2 principals, and a staff of 68 licensed staff and 46 classified staff.

White County Central was created in 1946 by the merging of the Providence and Plainview School Districts.  The two schools maintained their separate identities for the 1946-47 school year while a new school was being built.

The two former high school campuses would be maintained as Providence and Plainview Elementary Schools.  To save money, the new school buildings were built with materials taken from the World War II airfield being dismantled at Newport, AR.

Volunteers from both communities took their trucks and tools and hauled the lumber and fixtures back from Newport and built a high school building, an agricultural building and a shop.  Students would be bussed to the elementary campuses for lunch and to Plainviews' gym for P.E. until the new school could be finished.  However, it was not until 1960 that the schools were located on one campus.

The 1947-48 school year marked the beginning of Central's existence as a new school.  In the spring of 1948, the first group of graduates received their diplomas from what is now known as WHITE COUNTY CENTRAL SCHOOL.

What started as two small schools with small enrollments and only basic subjects taught, has grown into a school offering not only the required subjects, but many others as well.