Application for Overnight Field Trips for the 2017-2018 school year
Staff members wishing to take students on overnight field trips need to be familiar with BOARD POLICY #2340 (BELOW) related to student trips, whether for curricular or extra-curricular events. Please be careful to allow enough time for the proper approval protocol, and know that your specificity in answering the questions on the following pages will lessen questions that may arise during the consideration for approval phase.

Overnight field trips are defined as any school-sponsored trip meeting all of the following criteria:

A. Are related to curriculum within the school.
B. Are of more than one day duration.
C. Would require additional funding either from the School District budget, donations, student activities budget, or
individual students.

Overnight field trips - except for overnight co-curricular trips and/or foreign trips—shall be requested and approved according to the following procedures:

Applications for overnight field trips are required NO LATER THAN SIXTY (60) DAYS in advance of the first day of the trip.

Following the approval of the Principal, the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning will review applications for the overnight field trips. These applications will be reviewed on an individual basis and must include information on all criteria listed below:

A. the educational purpose served and direct link to State standards and approved curriculum;
B. amount of time necessary, including the number of school days to be missed (student trips that require more than two consecutive school days of duration away from the normal academic school year will not ordinarily be approved);
C. cost expected to be covered by the individual student, school, and/or to the District or outside donors, if any;
D. accessibility to the trip for students with disabilities and all socio-economic levels of the school and ways the trip will be funded for students involved or wishing to be involved that have financial hardships;
E. amount of faculty supervision available and necessary, including adult-to-student ratios, teacher-to-student ratios, and non-employee volunteers with a final analysis of adult-to-student ratio;
F. appropriate male-to-male and female-to-female chaperone ratios;
G. optional trip insurance is readily available to participants for purchase to protect against cancellation or unexpected non-participation.

All requests made to the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning will be submitted to the Teaching & Learning (T&L) Committee. The T&L Committee has the authority to approve or deny trips based on the criteria listed above. In the event that a trip would take place before a scheduled meeting and upon referral from the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, the T&L Committee Chairperson may approve the trip.

Expense-free trip opportunities must have T&L Committee approval prior to the development of trip arrangements.

Permission from parent/adult student must be provided in writing (may include e-mail, fax, or other written note) and unusual circumstances must be handled by a building administrator. Permission forms must be retained until the end of the year unless the student is involved in an incident or suffers an injury where at that time permission forms must be kept with the accident/injury claim indefinitely.

Participants in an overnight field trip shall be in one of the following four categories:
A. student
B. teacher
C. staff member assigned to supervise
D. adult chaperones (both District and non-District employees and/or volunteers)

All student participants, teachers, staff members assigned to supervise, and adult chaperones shall follow Board policies and guidelines and Wisconsin State Statutes, and are prohibited from using alcohol, drugs or other mood-altering substances and/or tobacco.

The administration shall, with information and input by school communities, develop written volunteer and chaperone guidelines that includes references to expectations, safety, behavior, and discipline. Such guidelines shall be distributed in advance of the particular trip.

According to State law, District employees are prohibited from receiving anything of personal value that results from selling, soliciting, or promoting the sale of goods or services to public school students while on school property or at school-sponsored events from an organization or individual other than the school district itself. Any faculty supervisor/chaperone assigned to the trip are considered to be working and receiving free or reduced travel fees are not considered to be items of personal value. The teacher(s), and/or other staff members assigned to supervise and approved by the building principal or designee, may participate without cost.

Provisions will be made as determined by the principal to assist students with trip fees as needed for students to participate as an extension of the curriculum and will be included in the trip application. Students will not be denied participation in trips for disciplinary reasons unless the student’s behavior is considered unsafe to self or others and/or interferes with others’ rights to learn as determined by the principal. Chaperones that assist the School District in trip responsibilities may participate at a reduced cost. Persons who do not fall under the above categories will not be allowed to participate in the school trip.

All plans or policies for the returning of any funds or refunds to students shall be approved by building principal in advance and communicated in writing to students, participants, and their parents. This shall be dealt with in one of the following ways:

A. Excess monies shall be placed in the appropriate activity account.
B. Excess monies shall be returned to the participants who paid for the trip, distributed proportionately.
C. If records are kept of individual students’ donations or fund raising, the advisor may establish a differentiated and equitable plan for the return of excess funds or refunds.

In the event of a shortage of funds, the teacher must present to the building principal a plan for making up the difference.

Any travel outside of the United States must be approved by the Teaching and Learning Committee prior to promotion to students. The same application procedure shall be used as indicated in Overnight Field Trips. The trip application must be submitted NO LATER THAN EIGHTEEN (18) MONTHS prior to the start of the trip.

Permission and chaperone requirements shall be the same as specified in Overnight Field Trips.

Refund procedures shall be specified within the application for the trip and shall be publicized to students and parents with the trip promotional materials.

Co-curricular trips are those trips related to the activities of recognized, school-sponsored athletic teams and student groups/organizations. Co-curricular trips shall be approved by the principal or athletic director in accordance with the same procedures used for approving field trips.

Co-curricular overnight trips are those trips conducted by a school-sponsored athletic team or student group/organization which include one or more overnight stays. All such trips must be approved by the T&L Committee, or if eligibility due to competition (e.g., WIAA tournaments) makes the regular time line impractical, by the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning. A report of all administratively approved trips will be provided to the T&L Committee at its next meeting.

Applications for co-curricular overnight trips must be made as soon as practicable. Consideration for a shortened time line may be given for trips based on eligibility due to competition. Applications for trips that are made for future athletic or student activity competitions during the regular season should be made as soon as such competitions are known, GENERALLY A YEAR IN ADVANCE.

The same application process as for Overnight Field Trips shall be used, as well as the same requirements for permission, chaperones, and refunds.

Any school-sponsored trip may be canceled by school officials for safety concerns at any time as determined by the school official. Alternative arrangements and/or refunds will follow Board policies and administrative guidelines.

Students may be charged fees for District-sponsored trips but no student shall be denied participation for financial inability, nor shall non-participation be penalized academically.

Students on all District-sponsored trips remain under the supervision of this Board and are subject to the District's administrative guidelines.

The Superintendent, for the operation of all District-sponsored trips, including athletic trips, shall provide procedures to ensure:

A. the safety and well-being of students;
B. parental permission is sought and obtained before any student leaves the District on a trip;
C. each trip is properly monitored;
D. student behavior while on all field trips complies with the Student Code of Conduct and on all other trips complies with an approved code of conduct for the trip;
E. a copy of each student's Emergency Medical Authorization Form is in the possession of the staff member in charge.

A professional staff member shall not change a planned itinerary while the trip is in progress, except where the health, safety, or welfare of the students in his/her charge is imperiled or where changes or substitutions beyond his/her control have frustrated the purpose of the trip.

In any instance in which the itinerary of a trip is altered, the professional staff member in charge shall notify the administrative superior immediately.

The distance traveled outside the State and the use of non-district vehicles shall be consistent with Chapter 121 Wis. Stats.

121.54(7), Wis. Stats.

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