End of the Year Awards!!
Read through all the choices first then use your class list to recommend one person for each award. Check off the name after you have used it from your list. Remember you can only use each name once
Whopper Award -student that can tell a whopper of a story.
Milky Way Award: for the class daydreamer
Jolly Rancher Award: for the person who loves the outdoors
Nestle Crunch Award: for the person who is a good problem solver and can get out of a crunch
Mr. Goodbar Award: for the student who exhibits the good qualities of friendship
Skor Award: for the athlete in the class
Dove Award: for the class peacemaker
Symphony Award: for someone with great musical talent
Butterfinger Award: for the person who broke the most things accidentaly
Teddy Grahams Award: Who is always helping someone else
Almond Joy Award: for the person who is always happy
Payday Award: for who had the most dojo points
Lifesavers Award: for the person who is always helping someone in a bind
Laffy Taffy Award: for someone who gets the giggles or laughing attack
Gummy Bears Award: For who is most thoughtful
Sweet Tarts Award: for being a sweetie when needed
Spree Award: for someone who loves to shop
Kit Kat Award: for the student who is an animal lover
Nutrageous Award: for an nutty personality
Three Musketeers Award: for the one who is an awesome group player
Snickers Award: for having an outstanding sense of humor
Gummy Worms Award: for being the class wiggler, can't sit still
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