2018 Student Computer Usage & STEM Survey
Survey relating to student knowledge and attitude toward technology in school.
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What is your homeroom teacher's name?
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What grade are you in?
Where do you usually use a computer or laptop when you are at school?
How often do you use a computer or iPad?
In class what do you use your computer for? (Check as many as you want)
What programs do you use the in your classroom or computer lab? (Check as many as you want)
What did you learn about science and technology from classes here at school?
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Would you like to do more kinds of projects on your computer?
What other Science, Technology, Music, and Art subjects do you want to learn more about? (Check as many as you want)
Do you go to the Computer Lab for Recess?
What do you do at the Computer Lab
Does your computer change how you study and learn in school?
Has having your own classroom computer helped you in your daily classes?
Has having a computer made you more interested in science and technology?
Do you have a computer to use at home?
Did you take your chromebook home
What did you use your chromebook for at home:
Can you get online at home?
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