GWAMA Business Survey
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I can easily communicate with the faculty and staff of GWAMA *
My ideas and concerns are reviewed and considered by GWAMA staff *
The GWAMA building is welcoming and clean at each visit *
The GWAMA work areas simulate an industry environment *
Programs offered at GWAMA meet requirements and students are well trained *
Business Advisory Board meetings are professional and helpful *
Business Advisory Board Meetings are at a convenient time *
There is a clear focus for the future of GWAMA *
I feel comfortable promoting all aspects of GWAMA to potential students and business partners *
Does your company participate in the GWAMA mentor program? *
If no, why not?
Would you recommend GWAMA to a high school student of a friend, family, co-worker? *
Which industry certifications does GWAMA need to offer for students?
Please provide additional information on ways you would like to volunteer, or a reflection of your volunteering experiences at GWAMA
Please provide feedback on Advisory Board Meetings
Please let Mr. Davisson and his team know what they are doing well
Please let Mr. Davisson and his team know what areas to improve upon
Please provide any additional comments that would be beneficial to the success of GWAMA
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