Library exhibit / display proposal
Thank you for your interest in a library exhibit or display. Please read over the course exhibit information sheet before submitting a proposal.

View the info sheet here:

Please take a minute and answer the questions below so we can begin the conversation about your exhibit. Once you submit your proposal I (Scott Fralin) will follow up with you and start planning.

We begin planning for all exhibits at least 12 weeks prior to the opening date. Each exhibit is designed and built from scratch in collaboration with you and your students and can be constructed according to your unique needs.

Exhibits are constructed and maintained by library staff (with flexible levels of student involvement) and stay up for 4-12 weeks, depending on the time of year. Exhibits can feature student work from the current semester, or a previous semester.

For immersive exhibits and galleries you will receive:
- A poster designed by the library
- An opening reception for your exhibit, including food
- A video interview

For immersive, interactive exhibits we:
- Need to begin planning 12 weeks in advance
- Can share written works, research, artwork, physical objects, artifacts, video, audio, etc
- Can create interactive experiences

For a display or gallery we:
- Need to begin planning 8 weeks in advance
- Can show up to 24 printed pieces
- Can share written works, research, and artwork

For digital exhibits we:
- Need to begin planning 6 weeks in advance
- Can share digital photos, video, or slide presentations

For a book display we:
- Need to begin planning 4 weeks in advance
- Need a list of books to be displayed 2-4 weeks ahead of the display begin date
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