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Thank you for your interest in working at Village Home. Prior to filling out a course proposal, please read the general information about teaching at Village Home at .

Complete an EMPLOYEE APPLICATION prior to submitting course proposal(s). Feel free to submit as many proposals as you wish.

The class proposals you submit here do not automatically become classes at Village Home. Selection of courses depends on a variety of factors. Please note, submissions become the property of Village Home, and may be assigned to any member of the faculty, but preference is given to the proposer whenever feasible.

Proposal Due Dates
Fall term May 15
Winter term October 15
Spring term February 15

Proposals are reviewed on these dates. Proposals submitted at other times may also be considered.

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Course Type *
There are three types of courses: classes, clubs, and studios. Courses are typically one hour per week, 30 weeks per year (organized in three 10-week terms).
Primary Subject Area *
Indicate the subject area that has the most crossover with your proposed course.
Secondary Subject Areas *
Indicate other subject area(s) covered in your course.
Target Age Range for Course *
Select the age range that you are designing the course for.
Would you like to restrict the age of your class to ONLY the ages noted? *
Most classes at Village Home are designed with a 3-year age range, but the registration system does not automatically prevent those outside of the age range from enrolling, meaning that children younger than the stated range are allowed to enroll. Children OLDER than the age range are always allowed to enroll. If your class needs to be restricted based on age, please answer "yes".
Do you see this has a year-long course, or a one-term course? *
Most courses are designed as year-round courses that meet for three 10-week terms.
Are mid-year enrollments in this course feasible? *
Most courses are designed to allow mid-year enrollments, but in some cases, such as upper level math and foreign language, mid year enrollment can be tricky to accommodate.
Please indicate the number of hours per week you see this course being offered. *
Please note, primary and elementary courses typically meet once a week for one hour. Most Middle and High School courses meet one hour a week, but there are a handful that meet two hours per week. Terms are 10 weeks long, and there are three terms per year. It is not recommended to design a course that meets more than two hours per week. It is difficult to sell them to our community.
Do you need a classroom assistant for this course?
If a class has more than 12 enrollees, you may request a classroom assistant to be assigned to your class. Usually, this is a parent volunteer. If you would prefer to have an assistant, please indicate yes.
Course Description. Please submit a brief description (approximately 200 words) of the course or activity, as you would like it to appear in the catalog. *
Include a general description, including highlights of particularly interesting concepts or projects, and course outcomes.
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What are the knowledge or skill pre-requisites for this course, if applicable? (This will appear in the course catalog description.)
Example: "Must read and write independently at a 5th grade level or higher." "Must be able to multiply and divide fractions." "Must be able to handle sharp dissection equipment safely." "Must have completed Writing Basics Course or equivalent."
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Special Instructions for Participants (this will appear in the course catalog description).
Include special instructions, such as "wear closed toed shoes", "bring a three-ring notebook with lined paper to class"
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Does your course have SPECIAL MATERIALS required for in-class projects? If so, please indicate the materials and provide an estimate of cost per student per term.
Include any special materials or supplies that will be consumed by students. Do NOT include standard classroom supplies such as construction paper, scissors, glue, basic paint.
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Does this course have a required BOOK or TEXTBOOK? If so, include an Amazon link, or indicate the TITLE, Author, ISBN number, and retail cost. Feel free to include the link from Amazon.
Most courses do not have required texts, but some do. Please select a required text that is under $30, if possible.
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Please indicate any special EQUIPMENT you need for your class.
Include AV equipment, classroom technology, lab equipment, etc.
How much HOMEWORK does your class have? We like to let families have control over their homework load, and make course selections accordingly. Please select the best choice for your course. *
In all cases, homework should be relevant, include options, and be reasonable in length. Homework time should be equal to or double the time in class. For example, if you are proposing a once-a-week one-hour class, the homework should be two hours or less per week.
What do you expect from the PARENTS of the students in your class? *
Do you have a CAMPUS preference? *
select all that apply
What DAYS/TIMES are you available? *
Select all that apply. We do not offer classes on evenings, weekends, or Mondays. Morning hours are 9:30 - 12:00. Afternoon hours are 12:00 - 4:00
Instructor Preferences/Comments
Additional information helpful for scheduling or special considerations.
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