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Curriculum and the Course content of Mechanical Engineering
Helping Nature of teachers in Department
Evaluation Procedures
Teaching Effectiveness of teachers in Department
Counseling by teachers in Department
Placement Training programmes organized
Teaching aids and methodologies adopted by the Department
Effectiveness of the Laboratory Sessions
How do you rate the help of laboratory staff ?
Programmes conducted in department to increase Communication Skills
Add-on-courses conducted in Department (MEP)
Invited talks conducted in department
How do you rate the Department Library Facility?
Learning atmosphere offered by the Department
Experience as a student in the department
How do you rate the opportunity for professional development – Professional Society Activities? (ISTE, IEI)
Effectiveness of industrial visit conducted by the Department
How do you rate your own performance in Department?
Did you build any lasting relationship with teachers in department which attracts you to come back to college for visits?
After B - tech what do you prefer?
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