The Library 411
Finding your way around the Library web site
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What is the password to log into the "Research in Context" database?
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What is the name of one game you can play on your computer? Click on the link, copy it, and paste it below after the name of the game.
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When can you come to the Library on your own?
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Which of these are part of the Library Activities?
On what page do you find the library catalog?
Go to the catalog. Select a topic that interests you and search for it in the catalog. Write your topic below.
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If you don’t find a specific book on your topic, you need to broaden it. EXAMPLE: race cars 1970s → race cars. If you find too many books, narrow your topic. EXAMPLE: animals → ocean animals. How did that work?
If the book is in, write the call number below. If it's not, pick another and enter the call number below AND WRITE IT DOWN.
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Go to the Poetry Corner (I Love Poetry!) Which type of poem seems most interesting to you?
Wait for further instructions.
Post your finished poem in the space below.
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Is it okay to use your poem on the web site or in the bulletin type your name in the space below? *
If you said Yes, how would you like your name to be published?
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