Venture Cafe STL Session Onboarding Form 2020
We are excited to bring your session to a Venture Cafe Gathering or Cafe Night. Please fill out this form after you have confirmed the content, date and time for your program with the Venture Cafe Program Manager. The information you provide in this form will be used in our calendar and newsletter. Please proofread before you click submit.
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Please try to keep this short, descriptive, and engaging.
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Short description/paragraph of your session for guests to get excited about coming. *
This is your chance to get guests excited about your session. Focus on what your event is and what it offers to Cafe attendees. Panelists and speakers should be identified here. Please make sure to review for grammar and spelling before submitting. Please try to keep this to one paragraph. Ex:
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The main point of contact who has been working with the Program Manager to set up the session.
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This group will be identified as the host for the session in our materials
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If your session requires (for office hours) or requests guests to pre-register, please provide the link
For office hours, this is your link. Also, for non-office hours sessions- you may request RSVPs for your session, but it is not required of anyone to RSVP to attend a session at Venture Cafe. If you are creating an event link (Meetup, Eventbrite, etc) please work with the Program Manager to include language about what Venture Cafe Gathering is.
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The Logistics Stuff
Help us make sure we are on the same page. All of this information should be confirmed with the Program Manager or Coordinator prior to submitting the form.
Date of session *
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Room for your session *
Please select the room you have confirmed with the Program Manager or Coordinator.
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Civic Impact: How does your session impact the St. Louis civic infrastructure?
Demographics Data
Help us understand who is presenting at the Venture Cafe Gatherings (As a non-profit, this is very important information for us to continue to seek funding!)
Is there more than one presenter/speaker in your session
What gender(s) is/are represented by the presenter(s)?
What ethnicity(s) is/are represented by the presenter(s)?
Do you consider your organization to be a startup?
What industry does your organization primarily identify with?
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