Rams in Recovery EPIC Housing Application
Virginia Commonwealth University’s Rams in Recovery Program strives to create a community of understanding and support that enables students in recovery to achieve academic success and thrive outside of the classroom.

An outgrowth of the wellness resource center’s goal to be “positive, inclusive and empowering”, students, faculty, alumni, and volunteers collaborated to create Rams in Recovery in 2013 in order to ensure that no student would have to choose between a college education and their recovery.

We connect students to support through regular meetings and activities on and off campus.

Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ramsinrecovery/ and our web page http://www.thewell.vcu.edu/alcoholdrugs/rams-in-recovery/

2018-2019 will be the second year we will have recovery housing on campus.

The Application process is as follows:
1. Complete this application
2. Tom Bannard, Program Coordinator, will set up a brief interview with you.
3. Complete the housing application at www.housing.vcu.edu once you receive it.
4. Sign housing contract.

Students applying housing are expected to be active in their recovery and attend regular support group meetings (12 step, Meditation, Rams in Recovery, Refuge and SMART Recovery Meetings are all available on campus).

Students accepted in to housing will take a 1 credit recovery seminar in the Fall of 2018.

Students applying for housing are expected to remain abstinent from mood-altering substances(with the exception of Nicotine and Caffeine!) not directly prescribed for them by a physician including alcohol, marijuana, narcotic drugs, controlled stimulants, controlled depressants, over the counter diet pills, anabolic steroids and any hallucinogenic substances.

Students applying for housing are expected to be involved with service in the community and are expected to attend at least 3 meetings per week including one group on campus. This can include AA, NA, All Recovery Refuge Recovery, Meditation for Recovery or SMART Recovery Meetings.

In order to apply for recoveryhousing, students must have at least 6 months of continuous recovery before August 2018.

If you have questions please contact Tom Bannard, recovery@vcu.edu, or 804-366-8027.

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