Alternative Print Materials Request Form
Many students who register with DSS are entitled to textbooks or other print materials in alternative format in order to assist them with accessing their course work at VCU. Students who are entitled to this accommodation will have this information listed on their accommodation letter. A DSS case manager/staff member must determine that this is a necessity for you as a student in order to receive this accommodation. Requests for print materials in alternative format will only be provided by DSS if the accommodation is listed on the student’s accommodation letter. Additionally, DSS only supplies print materials in alternative format for items that are noted as “required” by the instructor for the course.

If print materials in alternative format are included in a student’s accommodation letter and they are required for a course, students may complete the following information to request their materials.

*We apologize for the need to repeat the first section of this submission form for each of your individual requests. We are trying to work on a solution to help make this request process easier!*

Your First Name
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Your Last Name
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Your V Number (Please include the "V")
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For which semester are you requesting accessible print materials?
If your order of preference for materials is not 1) Audio, 2) PDF, 3) Word Doc, 4) RTF/TXT please indicate your order of preference below.
Some of our more popular preference options are listed below, but you can put your own in the "other" box as well! DSS will attempt to provide items in the format requested; however, your number one preference is not guaranteed.
Are alternative textbooks/print materials an approved accommodation according to your DSS accommodation letter?
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