OMSA Student Advisory Council
The OMSA Student Advisory Board exists to support OMSA’s mission by advocating for all underrepresented students at the University (African American, Asian American, Latina/o, Native American, Multiracial, LGBTQ, and Undocumented students). Board members play an important role in shaping policies and procedures at OMSA, as well as representing their constituents in meetings with a variety of Campus & Student Affairs Administrators. Members of OMSA's Student Advisory Board are required to meet with the Director of OMSA and the OMSA Staff as a group once every two weeks. Date and Time to be Determined.

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) Student Advisory Council is a council comprised of students who represent the College, graduate divisions, and professional schools. The purpose of the Student Advisory Council is to:
Advise OMSA in its pursuit of student development by providing feedback on programming (social, cultural, and academic), engagement with the community (particularly students, faculty, and staff), and support services.
Actively seek feedback from multicultural students about their experiences on campus and identify opportunities for collaboration with student organizations.
Elevate important issues related to diversity and inclusion to OMSA.
Advocate for the concerns of multicultural student communities, in partnership with OMSA, to the university administration and the student body.
Interface regularly with VCU leadership to become apprised of university-wide initiatives, programming and climate issues and provide informed recommendations to OMSA staff.

Goals and Objectives
Provide feedback to OMSA staff at regularly scheduled meetings on university-wide issues, including topics pertaining to the social, emotional, academic, and professional, needs of multicultural students.
Create forums and seek invitations for the student body to offer input and express concerns related to diversity and inclusion.
Identify university stakeholders, including students, faculty, and staff, and engage with these partners to promote OMSA’s vision and objectives.
Interface with University leadership on a regular basis and promote collaboration.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountability
The Student Advisory Council will consist of 10-12 members who are expected to participate in all council meetings and contribute to standing committees (when created) and program planning. Meetings will be held twice a month.
Council members who are unable to attend meetings should notify the OMSA Director and staff in advance. Members who miss more than 2 meetings over the course of the academic year and/or are unable to actively participate may be asked to step down in order to ensure continuity.

Term Limits
Each council member will serve for one academic year, with the opportunity to reapply. There are no term limits, as experience and familiarity with University structures are important assets. Returning applicants will be asked to reflect on their involvement over the past year of service, including attendance at meetings, active participation, and personal/professional growth. The OMSA staff will review written materials and make final decisions.

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