2018 HRRA Coach Application
HRRA Preferred Qualifications for Head and Assistant Positions Include:
Current CPR/First Aid Card (we can also provide training if needed)
Motorboat training or experience
Knowledge of rigging and basic equipment maintenance and handling
Ability to work collaboratively, respectfully and cooperatively with other coaches under the supervision of the HRRA Head Coach.
Volunteers to coordinate resources, regatta logistics and boathouse use.
Previous crew coaching experience preferred for Head coach positions, but we train new coaches in assistant positions.

Comply with all HRRA procedures and policies
Coordinate all practice sessions and training programs with emphasis on safety and continuous progress for all athletes
Supervise athletes and all equipment
Oversee daily maintenance of equipment and facilities
Coordinate race entries and race logistics, including loading and unloading trailer
Participation in and logistical support for HRRA Sponsored Events

Independent Contractor or program credits
Must be 19 years of age and possess a valid New York State Drivers License
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Please choose multiple and then explain any preferences in the text block below. We sometimes have multiple applicants for a team and always like to know if you are willing to coach other programs if your first one is not available.
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What certifications and coaching skills do you have? *
I have the following rowing experience as a: *
I can swim 50 yards and tread water for 10 minutes *
I have a valid Drivers License *
I am willing to provide information for a background check *
If this is your first time seeking a coaching position with HRRA or if your training has changed, please briefly describe your experience as a rower, cox or coach, including which club(s) and what years.
Please tell us any date restrictions or scheduling issues you might have for the summer
If this is your first time seeking a coaching position with HRRA please provide the name and contact info for 3 references
HRRA Program Mission

1. HRRA will provide rowing opportunities to individuals without regard to gender, race, religion, age or scholastic affiliation.

2. HRRA will encourage and promote continuous improvement and development of all athletes regardless of skill level.

3. HRRA will offer a variety of rowing teams and opportunities to serve its members, that may include, but are not limited to: novice, recreational, intermediate, advanced sweep teams and sculling.

4. HRRA competitive teams will train for and attend nationally recognized regattas and events to expose our membership to elite level rowing, to promote long term athlete development as a team and as individuals and to expose the national rowing community to the talents of the Hudson Valley.

5. HRRA will endeavor to hire and train coaches for all of our programs and promote continuous improvement of regional coaching through education and training programs.

6. HRRA will endeavor to operate programs in the safest manner possible by establishing and following safety rules as recognized by the law, our governing body and by the Hudson Valley coaching community.

I have read, understand and will comply with HRRA's mission *
HRRA Equipment Philosophy
1. HRRA will maintain a minimal HRRA owned fleet that serves our programs exclusively during the spring scholastic season. HRRA must own enough shells, oars and motorboats and must maintain enough rack space to accommodate the HRRA spring programs. (Currently HRRA owns 4 eights, a variety of singles, 3 sets of oars and multiple launches with outboards that exclusively serves our spring needs).

2. HRRA will maintain a shared fleet with spring scholastic teams that serves the scholastic population in the spring and HRRA programs in the summer and fall to reduce the number of shells that are sitting unused in the boathouse. (HRRA currently owns 2 eights, 3 fours, a quad and two doubles as part of this shared fleet). HRRA owns and shares almost enough equipment to serve our fall programs without renting.

3. HRRA will maximize the value of shells and support equipment by sharing equipment among HRRA teams and scheduling multiple uses whenever feasibly possible. If the Operations committee decides it is to a team's advantage to use a boat exclusively then the corresponding program fee will be raised to accommodate larger cost of an exclusive arrangement.

4. HRRA will acquire, through purchase or rental, the appropriate equipment to serve our teams with goal number 3 in mind.

5. Priority for elite level equipment for practice and races will be given to teams that are training for and racing at the advanced level and/or representing HRRA at national level regattas (ie. Nationals, Worlds, Henley or the Charles). Teams that share elite level boats that are used for travel will be given substitutes for practice.

6. In order to comply with our federal tax exempt status juniors may be given priority for resources over adults, however, HRRA will make all possible attempts to acquire appropriate equipment to serve all of our teams adequately. Federal tax exemption is generally not given to organizations that serve adults primarily, therefore we have to balance our boathouse and program resources accordingly.
I have read, understand and will comply with HRRA's equipment philosophy *
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