VancouFur 2018 Event Submission Form
In order for VancouFur to be as entertaining & exciting as possible for its attendees, we need the help of volunteers to create and provide content for our panel spaces. Please fill out this form if you would like to run an event or panel at VancouFur 2018, and our events team will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Panels with mature content will be restricted to attendees aged 18 and older.
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An hour is a typical panel length, but we can usually block in half-hour chunks if you require more or less time for your topic.
What equipment do you require?
Please let us know what equipment you require for your panel, even if you intend to provide that equipment yourself.
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Do you have a preferred day/time for your panel? *
Feel free to select more than one time when you'd be available. We cannot guarantee that you'll get the timeslot you want, but we'll do our best!
What sort of panel are you hosting? *
Vancoufur is looking for a variety of panels and events. If you can tell us what broad category your suggestion falls under, it will help us better organize and have many different actives throughout the con. Use your best guess and if you aren't sure, select General and we can sort for you.
Are there any additional details you'd like to provide?
Anything we might need to know? You have an aversion to fur? Planning to set your quadsuit on fire? Let us know in the box below.
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