Saturday STEAM Application for Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School
This year we are offering the following Saturday STEAM dates:
January 27, 2018
February 24, 2018
March 24, 2018
April 28, 2018
May 19, 2018

Saturday STEAM 8am-12pm

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Saturday STEAM Application
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Your child is being invited to attend Saturday STEAM at Bethune Elementary School. This is a great opportunity for your child to improve their attendance, for them to get extra help, learn new things and even reinstate their perfect attendance status. Parents and students who have signed SART or SARB contracts can also use Saturday STEAM as an opportunity to improve their standing with the District Attorney and show good faith in their efforts to improve their child’s attendance

QUALIFICATION: Students must have missed a FULL DAY of school in order to attend Saturday STEAM. Absences due to suspensions and dates your student was picked up early, are not recoverable through Saturday STEAM.

Estimados Padres/Guardianes

Su hijo(a) está siendo invitado para que asista la Academia de STEAM Sabatina de Bethune Elementary . Esta es una gran oportunidad para que su hijo(a) mejore su asistencia. Además es una gran oportunidad para que obtenga ayuda adicional y aprenda cosas nuevas. Los padres de familia que han firmado contratos de SART o de SARB también pueden usar la Academia de STEAM Sabatina como una oportunidad para mejorar su posición ante la fiscalía y mostrar buena fe en sus esfuerzos por mejorar la asistencia de su hijo(a).

CALIFICACIÓN: Los estudiantes deben haber perdido un DIA COMPLETO de la escuela para asistir la Academia de STEAM Sabatina. Las ausencias debido a las suspensiones y las fechas en que su estudiante fue recogido temprano, no son recuperables a través de la Academia STEAM.

Does your child qualify to attend Saturday STEAM? (student MUST have a FULL DAY absence in order to attend. Student's CAN NOT make up tardies or leaving early days) DO NOT REGISTER YOUR CHILD IF THEY DO NOT HAVE AN ABSENCE. *
Saturday STEAM Expectations / Expectativas de la Academia STEAM Sabatina
1. All school rules and dress codes apply
2. If your child becomes a discipline problem, you will be contacted and required to pick up your child. Should this occur, your child is subject to disciplinary action.
3. Saturday STEAM Academy starts promptly @ 8:00 am
4. Students must be prepared to learn and participate in activities
5. Transportation to and from for your student, is the parents/guardians responsibility
6. Children MUST be picked up on time @ 12:00 pm

1. Aplican todas las reglas escolares y los códigos de vestimenta
2. Si su hijo(a) presenta problemas de disciplina, usted será contactado y se le pedirá que recoja a su hijo(a).
3 La Academia de Repueracion Sabatina empieza puntualmente a las 8:00 am
4. Los alumnos deben estar preparados para aprender
5. El transporte de ida y de regreso para su alumno es responsabilidad del padre de familia/tutor legal
6. Los niños deben ser recogidos puntualmente a las 12:00 pm

By checking the following box you acknowledge and agree with the Saturday STEAM Expectations outlined above. Marcando la siguente caja usted reconoce y esta deacuerdo con las expectativas del Saturday STEAM Academy resumidas arriba. *
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