7th Grade Student Needs Survey
Student Instructions: The school counseling department wants to ensure we develop and provide programs that meet your needs. Please be totally honest in your responses. Only you will know the answers you provide as we include no student identifying information on this survey. This survey will help us learn how many students need programs and activities on certain topics. Thank you for helping us better meet your needs. PLEASE READ EACH STATEMENT AND MARK THE MOST APPROPRIATE ANSWER CHOICE FOR YOU.
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Answer each statement and check how much you "agree" or "disagree" with the statements. I need help with the following PERSONAL concerns:
1. Making friends *
2. Fitting in at school *
3. Dealing with peer pressure *
4. Getting involved in school activities *
5. Helping myself (gaining more self-confidence,feeling better about myself) *
6. Handling teasing or being bullied *
7. Getting along with other students better *
8. Getting along better with family members *
9. Feeling sad or depressed *
10. Grief over the loss of a loved one *
11. Parental divorce of separation *
12. Dealing with anger *
13. Feeling stressed *
14. Skills for resolving conflicts *
I need help with the following SCHOOL concerns:
15. Being more organized *
16. Managing my time better *
17. Improving study skills *
18. Improving test taking skills *
Please check how much you agree with the following statements:
19. I feel comfortable going to see my counselor to get help with SCHOOL concerns. *
20. I feel comfortable going to see my counselor to get help with PERSONAL Concerns. *
21. I like coming to school. *
22. My teachers are willing to help me when I have questions. *
23. I understand why I need a good education. *
24. I will stay in school until I graduate high school. *
25. I will continue my education after high school. *
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