Summer Housing Agreement Form 2014

Due to the Office of Residential Life (Harre Union 250) by April 25, 2014 On-campus housing is available for both male and female students as space permits. Students must be registered while residing in a university residence hall. The hall is staffed by a professional Residential Learning Coordinator and student Resident Assistants. Among other amenities, kitchen facilities are available for preparing light meals. Rooms are provided with the necessary furniture, but students must supply their own bedding, pillows, towels, etc. While summer housing is optional, once the student signs the Summer housing agreement it is a binding contract for the specified summer session(s) noted on the agreement that obligates the student to live in University-operated residence halls for that full summer session(s). Students who are starting classes on other dates must check with the Office of Residential Life when submitting applications and denote the dates on the application. NOTE: While filling out this form, if you receive a white screen, please scroll up. Sometimes Google Forms will take you to the bottom of the page, instead of the top where the text is located.
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Terms of Housing Agreement

The summer school agreement is for the entire summer session(s) as indicated below. If your particular program dates are different than the full session dates you MUST indicate this information below. The University will endeavor but cannot guarantee to assign space according to the preference indicated. Assignments are made without regard to race, color, or national origin. Students applying for summer housing must have an active housing deposit on file, or must submit a $100 deposit with this form to the Finance Office. The Housing Agreement is a binding contract that obligates the student to live in University operated residence halls for the full term or remainder thereof, as indicated by the student on this form. In case of cancellation of room reservations refund of charges and deposit will be as follows: 1) 100% Deposit refund if written notice is received by the Office of Residential Life by April 28th for Session I and June 2nd for Session II. 2) 50% Deposit refund if written notice is received by the Office of Residential Life by May 20th for Session I and July 1st for Session II. 3) The Housing Agreement may not be cancelled after May 23rd for Session I and July 3rd for Session II unless the student withdraws from summer school courses. The University reserves the right to make changes in residence hall assignments if necessary for the most effective accommodation of the student body.

Student Information

Roommate Preferences and Single Room Information

Acceptance of Terms

By typing your name, today's date and submitting this form electronically, you hereby certify that you understand and accept University housing regulations concerning assessments and refunds, and that you will comply with University regulations found in the Terms and Conditions for Residence Hall Housing, University Catalog, Student Guide to University Life, and other official publications.

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