Martin Luther King Jr Day Celebration: Focus Session Proposal Form
This year the theme for our celebration is "What Everybody Ought To Know." We will have four different content tracks:

Wealth and Inequality
This track examines issues of wealth and inequality. We invite a broad range of proposals that might include but are not limited to issues such as wage stagnation, working conditions, unionization, the growing wealth gap, and more.

Faith and Justice
This track will focus on the relationship of faith and social justice. We invite a broad range of proposals exploring this intersection from a theological, historical, or contemporary vantage.

Environment and Inclusion
This track will focus on environmental issues. We are especially interested in proposals that will take one particular issue (ie. pollution, lead crisis) and explore its connections to other forms of injustice and inequality (ie. class, race, etc).

Equity and Access
This track will focus on issues of equity and access. We invite a broad range of proposals that explore impediments to a level playing field in our society for persons of varying races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and more.

This year each of the four tracks will be comprised of several speakers and an art piece. We are collecting proposals for the 7-10 minute speaker slots and art pieces. With these four tracks, we invite you to develop a proposal to do a 7-10 minute presentation or submit an art piece for this year's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

Speakers: Will give a 7-10 minute talk/presentation relating to one of the tracks & the theme of this year's celebration.

Art Presentation: We are looking for a wide variety of art pieces and are many different kinds of styles, mediums, and presentations. An art piece can be poetry, paintings, performance, etc. Art pieces still need to relate back to the theme and track. We are looking for at least one art demonstration in each track.

Proposals are due Friday, October 19th, 2018.

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