Craft Beer Distributor Creates New Distribution Model

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Craft Beer Distributor Creates New Distribution Model

Vacationland Distributors, LLC. Offers Fixed-Length Distribution Agreements, Supports Franchise Law Reform

July 23, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portland, Maine:  The owners of Vacationland Distributors, LLC., Maine’s newest beer and wine distributor, have set their sights squarely on the craft beer industry – but not for the reason you might think.  The Vacationland team started the company in direct response to the imbalance of power between breweries and their distributors.  Their answer: offering breweries fixed-length distribution agreements.  They are the first distributor in the nation to offer this model, and they are already making waves in the craft beer scene.

We...need state franchise laws that allow a small brewer to pay fair market value and move out of unsatisfactory wholesaler relationships," says Jim Koch, the “elder statesman of craft brewing”.  The average person on the street doesn’t realize that brewers have to sign permanent distribution agreements with their distributors.  The distributors can cancel the agreements with as little as 60 days’ notice, but the brewers often can never get out of the agreements, as doing so requires more money than these brewers will ever have on hand.

Vacationland Distributors is trying to turn the craft beer distribution model on its head.  After looking at the industry during their studies at the University of Southern Maine’s MBA program, two of the owners felt there was a serious flaw in the current model.  “Imagine if you could only work for one company for your entire life.  Many people choose to, but that’s the point – it’s their choice,” says Jim O’Brien, Vacationland Distributors’ co-owner and president.  “Imagine another place wanted to hire you for more money, better benefits, and a friendlier environment.  Now imagine that in order for you to be allowed to quit your job, you had to pay your employer the equivalent of three years’ worth of your salary.  That’s precisely what craft breweries are facing, and we don’t think it has to be that way.”

At least in Maine, craft brewers have a new option.  Vacationland Distributors is proud to offer craft breweries from Maine and around the world an opportunity to partner with a distributor who is committed to doing the right thing for the craft beer community.  Jim O’Brien ( will be available for interviews on 7/23/2014 from 12:00N EST until 5:30PM EST, and on 7/24/2014 from 9:00AM EST until 5:30PM EST.  END