Provost's Teaching Excellence Award Student Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to recognize those that have helped support your academic endeavors. Please complete the form below. You may nominate more than one individual but will need to complete a separate nomination for each person.
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Please give your reasons as to why the individual should be nominated for this award. Your nomination might be for the individual... -who has made the most difference to your experience at UW-L this year, -and/or who has inspired you to want to learn more about their subject -and/or whose teaching has really helped you to reflect on your own learning -and/or who has helped to develop you as an individual -and/or who has willingly devoted time to help you to achieve something you might not otherwise have done -and/or who is a consistently excellent communicator, stimulating and informative. Please note that details are important. Your comments will be used by the selection panel to decide whether the individual you have nominated will receive an award. “She is the best and is always available” is insufficient, for example.

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