2020 Outstanding Faculty Award
ACHE South recognizes outstanding faculty from ACHE South who models effective teaching behaviors, is systematic, motivates students, and cares about students.

The application will require evidence of excellence in teaching, a description of the characteristics and strengths of the Nominee in relationship to each domain, and evidence of ways in which the Nominee exemplifies these qualities in his/her teaching.
Nominee Information
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Nominee Models Effective Teaching Behaviors *
(Examples: well prepared; knowledgeable; presents information effectively; provides a variety of activities and assignments; invites student interaction.)
Nominee Is Systematic *
(Examples: communicates clearly; develops a concise, structured syllabus.)
Nominee Motivates *
(Examples: communicates high expectations; encourages/motivates student involvement; focuses on critical issues pertaining to public education; promotes critical thinking and decision-making skills; demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching-learning processes.)
Nominee Cares *
(Examples: provides positive and immediate feedback; recognizes that students must fill multiple roles of teachers, administrators, parents, student, welcomes student input into class organization and content.)
General Information *
Provide any additional information that will assist the Awards Committee during the final selection process. (For example: In what capacity have you know the Nominee; e.g., instructor, advisor, supervisor? What outstanding characteristics and/or considerations led you to nominate this individual for the Outstanding Continuing Educator Award for Excellence in Teaching?)
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