2020 Mini-Grant Award
The purpose of the ACHE South mini-grants is to support the development, implementation, expansion, and research of programs or projects in adult, continuing education, and lifelong learning.

ACHE South members or graduate students with sponsorship from ACHE South members are eligible to apply. The same person cannot receive more than one monetary award (Joseph P. Goddard Scholarship, Mini-Grant, or Wayne Whelan Research Grant) in the same year.

Anticipated Outcomes:
Mini-grants will be awarded with the anticipation that the program or project will result in:
1) a model that other continuing education units can replicate in responding to and meeting the needs of adult and lifelong learners;
2) a research project that addresses the issues, changes, and new ideas of continuing higher education; and/or
3) a report or proposal for developing professional skills, expanding current knowledge and practices in adult and continuing education, and/or dealing with rapid changes and overwhelming information and technology.

Funding Parameters:
ACHE South may award up to three mini-grants annually. The number and total dollar value of mini-grants awarded annually will be contingent upon the profit or loss of the previous ACHE South conference. The ACHE South Executive Committee will make an annual recommendation on the maximum number of mini-grants to be awarded. Grant may be up to $500 and are generally nonrenewable except in unusual and well-justified instances. Funds may be used to defray expenses incurred as a result of innovative program development, implementation, expansion, and/or research activities. Such expenses may include supplies, equipment, administrative support, and travel.

Request for funding to attend the Emerging Leader Institute in Chicago would be considered under this opportunity. Applicants should relate their professional development goals under “Purpose” and anticipated impact of attendance under “Significance.” This scholarship funding is being extended as professional development for ACHE South Members to assume active leadership positions in the Association, such as serving as a Member-at-large on the Executive Committee or serving on the annual conference planning committee. Therefore, applicants who articulate their aspirations of service and participation in ACHE South will be prioritized for the award.

Applications for mini-grants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
1. Applicability to the field of adult, continuing education, and lifelong learning
2. Definition and clarity of objectives and expectations to be accomplished
3. Quality and significance of research proposal
4. Adaptability of the program/project to other continuing education units
5. Appropriateness and justification of budget request

Members of the ACHE South Awards Committee will evaluate proposals. Applications for the Emerging Leader Institute will also be reviewed by the ACHE South Executive Committee.

Follow-Up Reporting:
Mini-grant recipients will be required to submit to the ACHE South Executive Committee final reports on their programs/projects within ninety days of completion of the program/project. Reports should detail program and financial outcomes/research findings and should include copies of program brochures or research data. Reports submitted may be used whole or in part in ACHE publications. The Mini-Grant recipient is strongly encouraged to present the result/findings of the project at the next scheduled regional conference.
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