SARVA Peer Educator Application

PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING Thank you for your interest in SARVA. As a SARVA volunteer, you will participate in an extensive training program that will prepare you to lead the university community in an active and open discussion surrounding sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. Through peer education you will not only deepen your knowledge of these issues but will have the opportunity to raise awareness and learn how to support survivors on the University of Washington campus. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to stop by the SARVA office (Condon 406), email us at, or call us at 206-543-4238. PEER EDUCATOR RESPONSIBILITIES -It is required that SARVA peer educators complete our training program. Training involves a 36 hour time commitment over the span of two quarters. Training sessions will take place on Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm, starting January, 2012. There will be no training during the week immediately before finals, during finals week, or during spring break. Due to the importance of each topic covered in training, it is expected that volunteers attend all training sessions. If special circumstances arise, they will be considered on an individual basis. -SARVA involves a one year and one quarter commitment (winter quarter 2012-winter quarter 2013) from all volunteers (excluding summer quarter). Many volunteers continue working with SARVA for their entire college careers, and participation past the first year is encouraged. -During spring quarter, ASUW SARVA is responsible for hosting the University of Washington’s annual Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activism (SARVA) Month. As a SARVA volunteer, you will help lead the SARVA Month Planning Committee in organizing and implementing a variety of events throughout campus. -Upon completion of SARVA training, peer educators are responsible for co-leading presentations throughout fall quarter 2012 and possibly into winter quarter 2013. Most presentations will occur in the evenings, so evening availability is necessary. If you are unable to commit to this, please let us know at the end of the application - we would still love to have you around! TRAINING PROCESS Training will consist of interactive discussions, presentations by professionals in the field, readings, role playing, and development of presentation skills. Topics covered include: consent, sex, communication, alcohol, stalking, supporting a survivor, campus and community resources, relationship violence, and sexual harassment in the campus community. Training will thoroughly prepare volunteers to lead their peers in active and open discussions through SARVA presentations. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY 9PM ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2ND.