ASC Sports Day - Saturday, May 24th

Thank you for showing interest in ASC Sports Day. This year is the 7th annual ASC Sport Day, and although participation is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. We hope that through sports we can continue to build strong relationships between ASC constituents as well as strengthen friendships between group members. Following the Sports Day event, a BBQ will be held for all team members. The BBQ is open to everyone, but a $3 fee will be charged for non-team members.

DATE: May 24th LOCATION: Denny Field TIME: NOON-3PM w/ BBQ to follow


-All teams must be sponsored by an ASC organization. Each organization may sponsor no more than two teams (if space is allowed) and the team’s members are not required to be part of the constituency. Orgs are able to team up if needed.
-Teams must be made up of 8-10 people; the team must have equal amounts of women & men.
-There will be a MAX of 10 teams, first come, first serve
-Every team must pay a $20 entry fee. This payment will be collected by the team captain. This registration fee is used to coordinate the event as well as provide food & drinks for participants during and after for the BBQ.
-OPTIONAL: Each team is required to have a team name and some kind of team uniform, BUT, bonus spirit points will be awarded for creative teams (ie. Special uniforms or exciting team/spectator cheers).


2013- FASA & Lambda Phi Epsilon
2011 - FASA
2010 - VSA

-Tug of War
-Eating Contest
-Possibly Volleyball depending if we do not have as much teams signed up

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