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Request for a Rainy Dawg Radio volunteer DJ.
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Briefly describe your event, including date, time, and place.
Where and when is the event? What's the theme? How long will it be? What's the overall vibe of the event? If this does not include at least dates and exact times, we won't respond to your request.
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What do you require? (Our PA system can only be used on campus)
What type of event is this?
How many attendees will there be?
What type of music are you looking for?
Suggest a few artists or groups that can help us tell what you want.
e.g. Arianna Grande, Mumford and Sons, Death Grips
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Will we be expected to run video?
We don't have projectors/screens.
Will we be expected to work with other performers (e.g. leave and rejoin stage)?
If you need microphones, how many do you need?
Can you provide an itinerary for the program no later than 3 business days before the event?
This must include outside performers, stage switches, announcements etc.
Does our DJ have to be comfortable making announcements over the microphone?
Note: We won't MC your event for you. We will make brief announcements if need be.
Do you have any special requests or specific needs that we haven't addressed yet? If so, fill in the box below:
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