CEE Add Code Request Form
Please complete this form if you are interested in a CEE course for which you need an add code. You may also use this form if the class is closed due to full enrollment and you wish to be notified if additional spaces become available.

For students intending to apply for autumn quarter admission to the CEE major:

Please do not request add codes for 300-level CEE courses. The 300-level CEE courses are reserved for incoming majors, so if you are offered admission to the CEE major, you should be able to register without add codes once your status has been updated to “CIV E” (civil engineering). If you are not able to register on your own, please fill out the add code request form below and indicate in the comments section that you are a newly admitted CEE major.

For graduate students and non-CEE students:

Undergraduate CEE majors have registration priority for 300- and 400-level CEE courses during Period I. We will provide add codes for graduate students and outside department students once the undergraduate majors have registered. Typically this will be on or shortly before Period II registration. Add code distribution for autumn quarter 300-level CEE courses may be as late as August, as incoming majors do not register until August or early September. We will do our best to accommodate graduate students and non-majors, where appropriate.

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