Student Technology Devices Survey - Student
Please provide us your feedback with the survey below to help us understand how you utilize technology in your classes and how we might better support you in the use of technology.
How many times a week do your teachers assign work that requires you to use your iPad?
How many times a week do your teachers have lessons that utilize your iPad in classroom work/activities?
Do you have teachers that use Google Classroom or eBackpack in their classes?
Do you have WiFi / Internet access at home?
Do you prefer 1:1(having your own) or Shared (class set) device environment?
If your teachers were assigned a classroom set of iPads, do you feel they would use them more, less or the same in their instruction?
If you don't have / bring your iPad with you to class, are there consequences?
If you answered Yes to the previous question, what are the consequences you are given?
Your answer
If you could share some advice with your teachers on how they could better utilized technology (iPads or any other technology) in their classes - what would you like to tell them?
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