UBC 2013-2014 BBA Legacy Campaign Committee - External Application

Established in 2009, the BBA Legacy Campaign is the first student-giving campaign for undergraduate students at the McCombs School of Business. All funds raised from the campaign go to the BBA Alumni Endowed Excellence Fund, which supports student-led initiatives in the BBA Program. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to increase student participation (rather than maximizing pure dollar amount). Dependability, creativity, and strong leadership skills are an absolute must for this position. When will BBA Legacy take place? March 24 - April 4. What will the committee do? The committee will organize the logistics in the fall and spring semester leading up to the event in addition to being in charge of publicity, event-planning, and outreach. The committee will work closely with the McCombs Alumni Office to plan events that promote a spirit of paying it forward and giving back, making for a successful campaign. For more information, please email Michelle Moon at Michelle.Moon@bba10.mccombs.utexas.edu, Mohnish Gandhi at mohnish.gandhi324@gmail.com, or Sayli Khadilkar at sayli720@gmail.com. Go to http://www.mccombs.utexas.edu/BBA/Student-Life/UBC/Programs/McCombs-Community-Programs/BBA-Legacy.aspx#flava-pane1 to view last year's events. Application deadline: Saturday, October 12 by 5:00 PM.
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