Bring Food Studies to UT Austin

Thank you for supporting Food Studies!! We are compiling a list of current undergraduate students who are interested in a food curriculum here at UT. If you are currently enrolled and will be at UT for at least one more semester, please provide your info and let us know what kinds of classes, internships, events, scholarships, etc. you would like to see. We are currently in conversation with the Bridging Disciplines Program and are hoping that Food Studies will become the next and newest BDP option on campus, provided that we can collect and track enough student support (ie- you guys!!). For more information, you can also check out the links below. Bridging Disciplines Program website: Food Studies food courses and UT professors: Food Studies Newsletter (stay updated on our progress): Food Studies Fall 2012 Active Membership Form Food Studies facebook, email & website: The results of this survey will be used as evidence for the overwhelming support and demand for a formal academic food studies program here at UT. We will not release any individual names or personal information for any reason, without your permission. We WILL compile your comments and special requests and make sure that your voice is heard as we move forward. Let us know what you need! The more info, the better! And thank you again for your support!! We will be sure to keep you posted on our progress and we hope to bring you a Food Studies program as soon as possible! Best, FSP Team
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