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Welcome! The goal of the Urban University blog is to share knowledge from USU initiatives, member institutions and partners that will advance our understanding of student success and the role of anchor institutions in the community. We are particularly interested in brief, compelling descriptions of evidence-based interventions, the process of higher education transformation, or the impact of universities on the urban community.
Submission Guidelines
Text, video, or graphics (e.g. infographics, cartoons) are all welcome. Please aim for 250-600 words for text posts and 1-3 minutes for video posts. Longer posts may be published at the editor's discretion. Please also consider including the following:

1. Links to your university and, if relevant, the project(s) referenced, reports, and citations.
2. At least one visual element. Visuals may include photos, report covers, drawings, or anything else that provides the reader with a visual representation of your topic.
3. Headings, especially for longer posts.

Please be advised that we reserve the right to copy-edit any post that we receive. If we think your post requires more extensive editing, we will work with you to polish your submission.

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