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If a player wishes to transfer between official teams during the season, that player may submit a waiver to transfer. All individual players will be allowed the opportunity to transfer from one official member team to another official member team one time. The transfer window will be open between March 1, 2021 and March 14, 2021.

Exceptions will be made only if the player:

- Provides documentation of a change in school enrollment status.
- Provides timely documentation of an address change greater than 100 miles, as measured by driving distance.
- Proves their current team environment is unsafe for them based upon violations of the Unlawful Harassment clause of the USQ Member Code of Conduct. The requesting player may be asked to provide documentation of the violations, which may include names and contact information of multiple individuals willing to attest to the violations.
USQ reserves the right to reject a transfer under the above listed exceptions based on the specific circumstances of a transfer request.

Players are considered bound to a team when they are listed on a team’s final roster for an event during which that team then plays an official game (including games that are later invalidated for violations of USQ policy), regardless of whether or not they end up competing at that event.

Players who transfer are immediately eligible to count as a referee toward their new team's season requirements. Teams which have an incomplete referee crew due to a player transferring from their team are given two weeks from the date of the transfer to replace the transferred referee.
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