Player Disciplinary Conduct Review Form
The disciplinary policy applies to official games, sanctioned events, and USQ-hosted events. It applies to incidents on or off the field, including at event-related activities. USQ members are expected to abide also by the member code of conduct and the unlawful harassment policy, as well as all other USQ gameplay policies. Offenses which involve tournament staff, personnel, or volunteers will be given additional scrutiny.

Please note that for USQ to act on an incident it must be reported to us. At USQ regional championships and national championships, potential disciplinary incidents may be reported directly to tournament staff, and action may be taken immediately. For those who chose not to report on site or for those attending non-USQ hosted events, attendees are encouraged to report any potential disciplinary incidents via this form within one week after the event or game takes place.

Disciplinary procedure is only for egregious breach of conduct, and we discourage teams and officials from submitting disciplinary forms without due cause.
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