HMS Family Engagement Survey
The purpose of this survey is to give every parent of a K-12 student an opportunity to share feedback on the overall performance of our school system in Hesston. We are collecting data on each school, so if you have children who attend multiple schools in USD 460, we would ask that you specify which building you are responding to and complete a survey for each building your children attend. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as we work to continuously improve as a school district, in order to ensure we are providing every student in Hesston with the opportunity to become the very best of which he or she is capable.
My child attends (please mark the school for the child or children who attend the school from which you received this particular survey; if you have children in multiple schools, please complete a separate survey for each)
I am satisfied with the overall quality of my child's school.
I am proud that my child attends this school.
There is a high academic standard at my child's school.
My child's school is a welcoming environment for parents and families.
My child's school provides a safe learning environment for students.
My child's school has high expectations for student behavior.
The staff at my child's school has a positive impact on my child's character development.
Families participate in the activities and events of my child's school.
I feel like a valued partner in my child's education.
I feel a connection to school staff who work with my child each day.
I feel connected to what my child is learning and doing in the classroom.
My child's school is effective in overall parent and family communication.
I have the opportunity to engage in meaningful communication with teachers about my child's learning progress.
My child's school communicates effectively with me to promote learning, both at home and at school.
I feel that I am empowered to be an advocate for my child.
My child's school collaborates with community members outside of the school to connect students with expanded learning opportunities available in Hesston.
My child's school maximizes the opportunity to connect with me through parent-teacher conferences and the format for conferences leads to more success for my child.
The things I like best about my child's school include...
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The things I would like to see improved or changed at my child's school include...
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Please provide any other thoughts or further explanation from the items above that you feel might be helpful for us to know as we work to improve as a school district.
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