Home Game Itinerary

Friday, Sept. 6, 2019

RAIN OR SHINE – We will adjust plans accordingly

You will need: Blue shorts, gray shirt, cap, LONG BLACK socks, band shoes & camelbacks

Remember to label things with your name!!!

Guard will be in all black for ½ time

Class Aides        -tables and water cooler at door for parents

                -Lunch tables (benchless X 6) to commons (outside auditorium) for dinner

                -No food/drink signs up in rehearsal areas

5th hour Percussion-Percussion stands out and set

2:00                -Band dismiss for pep assembly

2:17                -Assembly starts in main gym

3:15                -Rehearsal begins @ stadium in ARCS

                        *HS Guard ALL flags out to stadium

3:20                -Middle School arrives: work entrance, performance order and field exit

4:00                -Activity (Band Olympics redux)

4:30                -Parade Block to band room – Guard in (eat first & change/makeup)

                        *HS Guard bring Pregame/Parade Flags only.  Leave rest at the                                 stadium (weather permitting).  

*Pit equip. in grass at fence.  Empty carts off to the end of track         (weather permitting)

4:45                -Dinner (commons outside auditorium).  HS band eat first and change.

6:00                -Changed into uniforms w/caps and camelbacks.  No gloves.

6:15                -Parade block for warm-up in uniforms in circle drive

6:25                -March to stadium

6:35                -Arrive to stadium

6:40                -PG begins (FS, Armed Forces, Alma, FS, SSB, FS sing)

6:55                -PG ends-band to stands-MS dismissed w/ Dr. Smith (all welcome to stay)

                        *To seats QUICK and Kick-off.  No food, drink, non-band friends.

*Guard inside to change (black shirts and PG pants).

~7:40                - 4 min. left/2nd quarter–Down for WU on track and perform ½ time.

                -After ½ time, all meet at end of track for ann’s and dismiss for break

3rd Quarter        -OFF

2 min. left/3rd quarter        -BACK IN SEATS READY TO PLAY        

~9:00                -Game ends, ANN’s, parade back to band room

                        *Pit and Equip. mgrs. stow equipment

                        *NON BAND STUDENTS OUT OF MUSIC AREA

                        *Put away instruments, uniforms, square room and areas