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TimestampFull NameGrade What does your problem relate to?Please describe the problem you are experiencingPlease provide the best time for us to come to your room, if neededIf the problem is on a lab computer, please provide the computer number.Room LocationStatusSolution
3/6/2018 11:26:58SullivanKindergarteniPadHeadphone jack stuck in iPadAnytimeECDC
3/5/2018 17:17:33Alayna Bergkamp1stiPadSomething is lodged in the headphone hole. May be a piece of a headphone jack? iPad: 1A 31:40-2:401st Grade Hallway
3/5/2018 10:07:49Beth Settlemyer4thGeneral Computer SoftwareCan I please get a computer for new student Tamira? 4th Complete
3/1/2018 15:17:45Beth Settlemyer4thgoogle Can you please create an account for new student - Tamira Charley and her password Start1234 4thComplete
2/27/2018 8:17:08Settlemyer4thstudent accountSheldon Yarbrough google account does not work it says to contact your domain administrator 4thComplete
2/26/2018 9:04:25Tonya Hill2ndIPAD cords won't charge 2 that don't work2 IPAD cords won't chargeanytimeElementaryComplete
2/23/2018 10:41:07Joyce LoseyKindergartenApple TV
My apple tv is working fine by itself, but when I try to use smart notebook or hover cam it is having trouble finding Apple TV. I've had it on 2 times today working fine, and then it just goes off and I can not get it to connect again. Tried unplugging and plugging back in, etc...
2/23/2018 8:49:48Laura BoeseKindergarteniPad. another headset broke off in the iPadHeadset broke in iPadanytimeECDC # 107
2/16/2018 14:13:39Ashley Knier5thStudent Computer #18There are loose pieces inside moving around, plus the sound is not working correctly
Anytime is fine - afternoon from 2 to 3:30
18 - Aubree Vanderpool5th Grade HallComplete
2/15/2018 14:43:25Joyce LoseyKindergartenGeneral Computer Software
Excel program? Self-Service? None of my files on desktop will open that are Excel. Self-service has message: unable to access. The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be "
2/1/2018 14:29:38Joyce LoseyKindergartenPlease install powerpoint to my iPad K-4-4I would just like power point added onto my iPad ECDCComplete
2/1/2018 7:53:46Stacy Dillinger5thKeyboardThe number 2 came off a student computer. I tried to put it back on with zero luck. It is on my back table with the key.Any5th GradeComplete
Just use it as is without the number 2 key. We aren't going to repair these at this point.
1/31/2018 8:26:12Sarah Kitzke1stSound
Could we get the sound to come through the projector in the Adventure Room? The external speakers that are in the Adventure Room are shorting out and not working. They are also very quiet-the kids have a hard time hearing.
AnytimeAdventure Roomcompletenot seated well in jack
1/26/2018 9:59:54Barbara Concannon3rdSoundI can not get my speakers to work with Netflexany303Complete
1/26/2018 9:43:52Tonya hill2ndTeacher laptopIt keeps freezingAnytimeElementary Complete
1/22/2018 20:12:27Alayna Bergkamp1stteacher lap topMy lap top battery is stating "replace soon". 1:40-2:401st grade hallwayComplete
1/19/2018 13:55:03Hannah AbernathyOtheremailAna Escobar no longer works for the district. You can shut down her email account, if you'd like. 4th grade hallwayComplete
1/17/2018 8:55:43Sherry Wood3rdProjectorThe remote will not work and I tried new batteries. Also, the projector is not projecting a full picture. anytimeComplete
1/16/2018 9:57:33Hannah AbernathyOthernew email accountCould you please create a new email account for Elena Fedelin. She is a new para for the 3rd and 4th grade.8:15-10:00 am4th grade hallwayComplete
1/12/2018 16:03:44Hannah AbernathyOthere-mail
Hello, could you please create an email account for Mrs. Sarah Gill. She is the new para for 3rd and 4th grade special education. Could you also, please add her to the elementary all email group. The last para didn't get added to the group when her email address was created.
4th grade hallwayComplete
1/12/2018 8:10:19Theresa Cox6thremote desktopcan't get it to work. followed directions but isn't working.Complete
1/10/2018 14:27:03Stump2ndProjectorThis afternoon when I went to turn on the projector the screen was bright green
ASAP and whatever works for you.
Corner of Commons Area
1/9/2018 14:58:30Laura BoeseKindergartenchargers
I am down to 4 chargers again. They keep breaking at the connection point. The headphones are doing the same thing but we get those from another fund. Also I am not able to use my mimio. The light is yellow constantly not ever green.
1/9/2018 13:29:07Tonya Hill2ndProjectorEverything shows as red on the board.anytimeElem.Complete
1/8/2018 13:38:38Hannah AbernathyOtherEmailMiss Kasie Reeves quit as a paraprofessional over Winter break. Could you please shut down her email account. 8:15-10:00 am
4th grade hallway (3rd and 4th grade sped room)
1/8/2018 9:46:59Hannah AbernathyOtherAIMSweb online access
I am unable to log into my AIMSweb account. I received the following error: The account you entered is inactive. Please contact your AIMSweb Administrator for activation.
8:15-10:00 am
4th grade hallway (3rd and 4th sped room)
1/4/2018 10:23:18Melissa SullivanKindergartenstudent iPadOne of my headphone jacks broke off and is stuck in the iPad.anytimeECDCComplete
12/19/2017 8:58:21Barbara Concannon3rdApple TVHow to use Apple TVAny303Complete
12/13/2017 13:06:56Laura BoeseKindergarteniPads
Now I have an iPad that the headphones broke inside the outlet of the iPad. No sound and can't replace. So I need a different iPad and set of headphones (or do I get those from Tiffany). Also The charger was stuck in one last week. The iPad was replaced but not the charger. Can I get another charger. I MAPs test tomorrow. Sorry about the short notice.
12/13/2017 8:12:55Neeland3rdComputer CartBlinking charger, computer slot # 12. Anytime3rd Grade HallwayComplete
12/12/2017 14:11:05Tonya Hill2ndNeed a new computer cord for my laptopCord won’t charge laptopAnytimeComplete
12/11/2017 7:57:06Alayna Bergkamp1stApple TV
My Apple TV and projector will time out every so often. (Go black for 10 seconds then reappear.) Not sure if it's the projector or Apple TV doing this. The speakers I have connected to the Apple TV is very soft too. I could use new speakers.
12/8/2017 9:46:16BoeseKindergartenI Pads
I have one iPad that has the charger broken off inside AND NOW i have another one that keeps turning itself off the game activity chosen. Monday I am MAPS testing and I need all my iPads.
any timeECDCComplete
12/7/2017 13:58:59BoeseKindergarteniPad chargerI have charger piece broken off into an iPad.any timeECDCComplete
12/6/2017 10:24:56Sarah Kitzke1stApple TV
Since yesterday afternoon, my Apple TV (kitzke1st) is not available for me to connect to from my computer or my iPad. I've shut down and restarted the AppleTV and my computer and it didn't work. I've looked at the settings on my AppleTV menu, and it says the AppleTV is named kitzke1st...and the speakers are connected to kitzke1st. I use my screen mirroring several times a day, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
Anytime!1st Grade HallComplete
12/6/2017 10:22:37Fox4thGeneral Computer SoftwareLorezno Martinez computer does not have self service or nwea asap4thComplete
12/5/2017 12:22:36Lacy Giudicy6thstudent computerDax Allen's computer says that the workstation does not meet the specifications for NWEA so it will not run the application.any time.6th HallwayComplete
12/5/2017 9:47:22Barb Concannon3rdlaptop not chargingComplete
12/5/2017 9:46:24Lacy Guidicy6thlaptoprocio laptop does not have nwea browserComplete
12/5/2017 8:46:15Lacy Guidicy6thlaptop is shutting offrandomly shuts down yamile sanchezComplete
12/5/2017 8:44:28Barb Concannon3rdProjectorno image showing upanyComplete
12/5/2017 8:36:42Stacy Dillinger5thGeneral Computer SoftwareiMovie on one computer
Doesn't matter. I will have it at my desk in my classroom
5th hallComplete
12/4/2017 10:10:55Laura BoeseKindergartenSoundCan'tfigure out why I can't get any sound using mimio, Apple TV, etc.anytime107Complete
11/28/2017 14:18:14Lacy Giudicy6thStudent ComputerBrayden Matheson's fan is really loud; Other students have reported that Ty Burnett's computer has access to things that he shouldn't.Anytime6th HallComplete
11/17/2017 15:26:11Sherry Wood3rdcomputer power adapterPower adapter has stopped working. Complete
11/17/2017 15:03:03Stacy Dillinger5thSound
I am thinking my white box sound is going out. I can't get any video/audio book to play though airplay without sounding like a scratched CD. I can hard wire speakers to my computer but that doesn't always work with the airplay.
Anytime5th grade hallComplete
11/16/2017 10:19:18Melissa SullivanKindergartenMimioI need a new USB cord for my Mimio.AnytimeECDCComplete
11/13/2017 15:50:06Joyce LoseyKindergartenProjectorToday I turned on my projector and everything was green or purple. ASAPECDCComplete
11/8/2017 10:47:29Theresa Cox6thGeneral Computer SoftwareWhat is the password for Remote Desktop?Complete
11/6/2017 17:37:19LaDona Hall6thcomputer chargerMy new student got a computer, but not a charger to go with it. I need a chager for it...thanks!8:15 - 9:00 am6th grade hallComplete
11/3/2017 14:00:27Sarah Neeland3rdApple TVCan you please come update my netflix on my apple tv? Thanks!
Before School, 11:10-11:50, After School
3rd GradeComplete
11/2/2017 9:57:07Beth Settlemyer4thicloud or ituns I want to update my computer with my school email itunes account, but it won't let me. asap401Complete
10/26/2017 11:10:35Tonya Hill2nddv player
I can't get my dvd to run on the player. It is cause by my computer opening it to audio and video and separating the two it won't bring the two together and just load the dvd.
10/24/2017 10:01:18Sarah Neeland3rdnew studentneed laptop for new studentComplete
10/24/2017 8:31:22Kim Heger5thnew studentneed laptop for new studentComplete
10/23/2017 9:12:03Anthony Davis6thPower chargersneed 2 replacement chargersComplete
10/23/2017 8:41:28Alayna Bergkamp1stSound
Can I have my speakers hooked up to my AppleTV? Right now I hook up my speakers to my computer and would rather the sound be louder when I use my Apple TV.
1st Grade- Last door on the right
10/20/2017 9:55:18Sarah Kitzke1stAccess/ Firewall
I want to make a word list on Osmo-and you have to add images to it. It suggests using but it won't let me in-says to check firewall. Thank you!
Anytime1st Grade HallComplete
10/19/2017 14:28:35Ashley GoodePre K/Preschoolcharger My charger is making a noise and will not charge my computer. ASAPECDCComplete
10/19/2017 14:17:22Hannah Abernathy4thGeneral Computer SoftwareiTunes is not working on one of my student's computers. When I try to use it, it says "iTunes cannot be opened while it is being updated."
10:15-11:00 and 12:45-2:00
Serial Number: C02H90NNDJY8, Hittle 12
3rd and 4th grade hallway (special education)
10/19/2017 10:23:44Ashley GoodePre K/Preschoolchargercharger is making a squeaking noise and will not charge my computerASAPECDCComplete
10/19/2017 8:26:39Settlemyer4thGeneral Computer SoftwareAddison Garza screen is glitching and it kicks her out of what she is working on. asap401Complete
10/17/2017 12:52:53Kara Stump2ndiPadsSince the update yesterday, our Human Body App is no longer on the iPads. ASAPComplete
10/12/2017 16:28:49tiffany boxum2ndattaching a file to an emailnot able to find file to attach correctly from email - need to explain in person
you won't interrupt me and i would like to do this face to face please
10/12/2017 15:59:13Tonya Hill2ndmissing ipad cordcan I get another oneanytimeElementaryComplete
10/12/2017 9:10:28Leisa Hittle4thGeneral Computer Softwarekeeps asking for keychain passwordcamilleComplete
10/9/2017 14:53:53Kara Stump2ndTechnical DifficultiesTrouble staying connected to internet, speakers are not working-buzzing sound, trouble staying connected on Airplayanytime
Corner of Commons - HES
10/9/2017 12:06:56Brenda MillsPre K/PreschoolPrinterLibrary computer isn't sending things to Workroom printer.After 9 a.m.ECDC LibraryComplete
10/8/2017 20:56:08Carla KerbowKindergartenGeneral Computer Software
I'm trying to load Weekly Reader and it keeps saying that plugins are blocked. I went in to allow them on this site and it still won't work. I've restarted my computer and still won't work.
9:40Completesupport request sent to scholastic
10/6/2017 16:11:56Stacy Dillinger5thSoftware and Charger
iMovie is there now to download but refuses to download on some computers. I restarted and tried again with no luck. I have the charger in slot #14 that quit in my cart. I may have two others, but we are testing them over the week.
10/6/2017 15:27:45Stacy Dillinger5thChargerCharger number 14 is not working in my cart. I may have a couple of more on Monday. We are testing them one more time! :)5thComplete
10/5/2017 15:35:51Tonya Hill2ndipadIpad is not charging. I put it on your desk.Completereplacing iPad
10/4/2017 11:12:31stacy dillinger5thApple TV
I am not able to get my computer to connect to my apple tv. It acts like it is but shows nothing but a black screen. I am positive is something in my settings. I use it daily for lessons. I am going to use the toggle today, but could you come take a look? I will let you know if I get it taken care of myself. thanks
10/3/2017 13:45:05Holly Denton2ndHover CamHover Cam in Mrs. Denton's room says it won't connect!AnyDentonComplete
10/3/2017 8:20:49Stacy Dillinger5thGeneral Computer SoftwareI have some students wanting to create an iMovie for a research project. I am not finding it installed on their computers. Is this a possibility?5thComplete
10/1/2017 16:47:25Carla KerbowKindergartenABC Mouse AppWe are having trouble getting on ABCMouse on the iPads. I have updated my iPads and it still won't work.AnytimeComplete
9/29/2017 13:51:29Barbara Concannon3rdStudent computers
I have three student computers that will not hold a charge. CO2H90KVDJY8, CO2H90N3DJY8,
I have tried multiple chargers and the other computer will take the charge.
9/29/2017 13:22:12Beth Settlemyer4thGeneral Computer SoftwareThe command key fell off Addison Garza computer. 401CompleteWe won't worry about the command key.
9/29/2017 12:58:02Rosemarie Cabezas1stSoundThe speakers are full of static to where we can't understand as the static is louder than the words.AnytimeAdventure RoomComplete
9/28/2017 14:09:15Sue Omo1stProjectorWe do not know what airplay to use to make it work. Can there be one titled Adventure Room? Thank youAnytimeAdventure RoomComplete
9/28/2017 11:07:15Beth Settlemyer4thcomputerwont log in and had other issues with itanytime4Complete
9/26/2017 15:59:01Carla Kerbow1stSoundI can airplay, but there's not speakers for the sound. Anytime
After School Classroom in 1st Grade Hallway
9/26/2017 8:30:44Shelby MartinPre K/Preschoolbeeping noisebeeping noise in the closetIT closetComplete
9/25/2017 16:27:20Sue Omo/Sarah Kitzke1stApple TVWe need a Video convertor Box and there is no apple TV
Anytime--ASAP Thank you!
Adventure RoomComplete
9/25/2017 16:14:59Rosemarie Cabezas1stApple TVThe Apple TV is not connecting so we are not able to use Discovery Education and/or other programs.anytimeAdventure RoomComplete
9/25/2017 16:13:41Sue Omo1stipad
I have an iPad, that is by my pencil sharpener that every few seconds says:
Sign in to iCloud
Enter the Apple ID password for
We click cancel, but it really distracts from their learning when it literally reappears just a few seconds after we click cancel.
I do not know the Apple ID password for ANY of the iPads in my room.
Thanks for any and all help.:)
9/25/2017 13:51:27Chelsea Trujillo1stProjectorDisplaying is messed up. Colors are all green/sound isn’t workingAnytimeHESComplete
9/20/2017 14:39:19Kim Heger5thcursorTuckyr Russell's computer cursor will not track with the mousepad. It is driving him crazy! :)anytime5th grade hallwayComplete
9/20/2017 14:20:01Teresa Lewis5thBrowser issues
Elise purchased a subscription to the website sumdog and some of the students are receiving an error message to install firefox. Nothing will load and the message keeps popping up. I will email you a screenshot of the message. Thanks!
9/20/2017 11:07:52Theresa Cox6thGeneral Computer Software
A few computers say "Adobe Flash is disabled by your browser" The students tried both Chrome and Safari. The students are trying to use Sumdog.
9/19/2017 13:13:11Sarah Neeland3rdComputer CartOne of the extension cords to plug in our cart has a nice large rip in it. It still works but I didn't no if it is safe for it to be exposed like this.11:10-11:50 //1:00-2:153rd Pending
9/19/2017 12:59:26Settlemyer4thSoundMy sound does not play when hooked up through apple tv. 401Complete
9/18/2017 8:06:41Beth Settlemyer4thGeneral Computer SoftwareSomajia computer will not turn on. It looks like it is fully charged (green), but will not power on. 401Complete
9/15/2017 13:23:08Beth Settlemeyer4thcomputerlaptop will not power onComplete
9/15/2017 13:19:08Theresa Cox6thComputer Numbers
How do I find out students' computer numbers so I can find them on Remote Access? Some computers no longer have a sticker or an engraving on it.
We no longer use numbers
9/14/2017 10:53:47
Beth Settlemyer (Fox's student though)
4thGeneral Computer SoftwareIsaiah Peachey computer is very very slow to move the mouse. Everything seems to be lagging. 401Complete
9/13/2017 10:54:37Giudicy6thSoundI would like some speakers for my projector8-9 or after 2:456th HallComplete
9/12/2017 10:58:46Beth Settlemyer4thProjectorProjecter keeps cutting out and going purple. asap401Complete
Changed the video adapter. Hopefully this fixes it. projector does have hdmi so it's newer.
9/11/2017 14:55:03Theresa GerrondKindergarteniPad Power AdapteriPad power adapter is bad. Lightning style pleaseanytimeKindergartenComplete
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