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TimestampFull NameGrade What does your problem relate to?Please describe the problem you are experiencingPlease provide the best time for us to come to your room, if neededIf the problem is on a lab computer, please provide the computer number.Room LocationStatusSolution
9/20/2017 14:39:19Kim Heger5thcursorTuckyr Russell's computer cursor will not track with the mousepad. It is driving him crazy! :)anytime5th grade hallway
9/20/2017 14:20:01Teresa Lewis5thBrowser issues
Elise purchased a subscription to the website sumdog and some of the students are receiving an error message to install firefox. Nothing will load and the message keeps popping up. I will email you a screenshot of the message. Thanks!
9/20/2017 11:07:52Theresa Cox6thGeneral Computer Software
A few computers say "Adobe Flash is disabled by your browser" The students tried both Chrome and Safari. The students are trying to use Sumdog.
9/19/2017 13:13:11Sarah Neeland3rdComputer CartOne of the extension cords to plug in our cart has a nice large rip in it. It still works but I didn't no if it is safe for it to be exposed like this.11:10-11:50 //1:00-2:153rd Pending
9/19/2017 12:59:26Settlemyer4thSoundMy sound does not play when hooked up through apple tv. 401Complete
9/18/2017 8:06:41Beth Settlemyer4thGeneral Computer SoftwareSomajia computer will not turn on. It looks like it is fully charged (green), but will not power on. 401Complete
9/15/2017 13:23:08Beth Settlemeyer4thcomputerlaptop will not power onComplete
9/15/2017 13:19:08Theresa Cox6thComputer Numbers
How do I find out students' computer numbers so I can find them on Remote Access? Some computers no longer have a sticker or an engraving on it.
We no longer use numbers
9/14/2017 10:53:47
Beth Settlemyer (Fox's student though)
4thGeneral Computer SoftwareIsaiah Peachey computer is very very slow to move the mouse. Everything seems to be lagging. 401Complete
9/13/2017 10:54:37Giudicy6thSoundI would like some speakers for my projector8-9 or after 2:456th HallComplete
9/12/2017 10:58:46Beth Settlemyer4thProjectorProjecter keeps cutting out and going purple. asap401Complete
Changed the video adapter. Hopefully this fixes it. projector does have hdmi so it's newer.
9/11/2017 14:55:03Theresa GerrondKindergarteniPad Power AdapteriPad power adapter is bad. Lightning style pleaseanytimeKindergartenComplete
9/11/2017 14:24:09Theresa Cox6thpower adapter30 pin power adapter for iPad 2 is bad.anytime6thComplete
9/7/2017 15:59:24Melissa SullivanKindergartenProjectorWe need a new projector because this projector is not bright and we are struggling to see it.Anytime
Extra Kindergarten room (Lomax)
9/7/2017 15:53:32Melissa SullivanKindergartenApple TVI want a new Apple TV so I can have more apps such as Go Noodle.AfternoonKindergarten/ECDC
We only replace Apple TV's when they fail
9/7/2017 13:26:13Hannah AbernathyOtherApple TVCould you please allow Netflix to be played on my Apple TV. IP address: DHCP Serial number: C0HN36JYFF542:30-4:00 pm4th grade hallwayComplete
9/7/2017 12:14:52bonnie lomaxOtherGeneral Computer SoftwareCan you get the Mac to stay logged in pleasePrimary MusicComplete
log out after x amount of inactivity was enabled. it's now disabled
9/7/2017 11:06:55sherry wood3rdGeneral Computer SoftwareI need 4 students added to HES email address list. Jacob Payne, Valeria Miranda, David Aguilar, and Bella MurilloanytimeComplete
9/7/2017 10:51:05sherry wood3rdGeneral Computer Software4 students are not sign in for an email namenowComplete
9/7/2017 10:20:37Rachel Spencer Other-1712 error I am not able to open filemaker or adobe/pdf any School Psych. Office Complete
9/7/2017 9:49:22Tiffany BoxumKindergartenHooking Computer to Printers
When you are over here at the ECDC could you please connect the student computer that stays in my office for staff to use to the ECDC Workroom printer? I am trying to print something and my only option is a Rocio printer?
anytime!ECDC OfficeComplete
9/7/2017 8:32:48Brenda MillsPre K/PreschoolPrinter connectionWhen we try to print from the computer in the ECDC library the document stays in the queue.After 9 a.m. ECDC LibraryComplete
9/7/2017 7:48:45Kara Stump2ndSpeaker relocationI am still needing my speakers moved to the front of the room as to not be so disruptive to the teachers I share walls with. anytime after 9:25Common Area CornerComplete
9/6/2017 13:00:32Joyce LoseyKindergarteniPad
One of my student iPads is all messed up. It is "talking" really fast and will not move to different apps. Trevor fixed it last year, but I tried to do the same this time and it did not work.
9/6/2017 12:18:59Sydni RootOtherProjectorWhen I connect to Airplay my screen is not mirrored, it just shows up black.1215-1300
Room across the hall from band room
9/6/2017 11:07:37Bonnie LomaxOtherProjector
The teachers used the VCR set up for Apple TV and now I need it back to VCR. Help please! To make the sound work we need a RCA to mono headphone jack.
Would like to use at 10:00 tomorrow 9/7
ECDC Music Room
We should have one by Monday.
9/5/2017 15:41:54Neeland3rdComputer Charger#12 charger on my computer cart is not charging.
11:00-11:50, 1-1:45, Before or after school
3rd Grade HallComplete
9/5/2017 14:10:26Bonnie LomaxOtherGeneral Computer SoftwareNeed to keep Mac logged in Primary Music RoomCompleteswitched automatic login back on
9/5/2017 7:56:01Barbara Concannon3rd
Joshua Burrows can not get his password to work. I know it is lizard, and I have tried multiple times.
Passwordany as early as possible
On your desk.
9/1/2017 14:23:01Carla KerbowKindergartenSoundI need about 10 new extenders for the ipad headphones for kindergarten.AnytimeComplete
9/1/2017 8:34:55Barbara Concannon3rdGeneral Computer Software
How do I get Flash drive on all of the student computers? Today is the day that they are rewarded with Cool Math and some can not get it on their Mac Book.
any303CompleteUse Chrome to avoid Flash issues
9/1/2017 8:33:48Traci Goode4thipad can't type
I have one ipad that won't let us type on google classroom. All the other ones are working. I'm sure it is something easy, but I have tried, and tried and I can't get it to work.
anytime4th grade hallComplete
8/31/2017 14:42:26Holly GrubbsOtherGeneral Computer Softwarechrome not workingnurses officeComplete
8/31/2017 11:49:29Sue Omo1stApple TV
I am having trouble using the doc cam and the having it show through the Air Play. I turn my computer on and off several times a day and it still doesn't work. I didn't have to do this last year so I am needing help to see what has changed.
If you come we will stop everything so it can be fixed.
Elementary SchoolComplete
8/31/2017 9:10:05Holly Denton2ndProjectorWorks and then doesn't workComplete
8/31/2017 7:14:10Teresa Lewis5thApple TVDo you have an apple tv for my room? I want to airplay my iPad onto the screen.anytime5th grade Complete
8/30/2017 21:21:33Cecilia FrancisOtherGeneral Computer SoftwareComputer freezes repeatedly and opens applications randomly.
from 1pm- the end of the day.
After School Program room
8/30/2017 16:13:11Susie ScottPre K/PreschoolIpad Apple id for iospk4@usd210.orgI need a password.anyYou knowComplete
8/30/2017 15:24:23Danny Ray1stGeneral Computer SoftwarePlease add shortcut/icon to the primary lab computers for Zearn
Please add to all computers.
Primary Computer LabComplete
8/30/2017 12:12:05Bonnie LomaxOtherInternet connectioniPad says it cannot establish a secure connection to the serverElem Primary MusicComplete
8/29/2017 9:40:38Sue Frederick2ndiPad not workingipad not workingComplete
8/29/2017 9:39:43Tiffany BoxumOtheremail groupneed classified email group createdComplete
8/29/2017 9:11:32Traci Goode4thnew student need google accountComplete
8/29/2017 8:26:01Linda GoochOtherPrinterlunch receipt printer not workingKitchenComplete
8/28/2017 21:17:07Traci Goode4thGeneral Computer SoftwareWe tried google classroom, but they couldn't type on the pages because it said we needed to download something. How do we download it? anytime4th grade hallCompletemade available in self service
8/28/2017 15:41:37Leisa Hittle4thgoogle account for new student Camille Murillo needs a google account4th Grade HallwayComplete
8/28/2017 15:40:23Leisa Hittle4thApps on an IpadsI need the Sumdog app installed on Mrs. Goode's students ipads8:15-10:004th Grade HallwayCompleteinstalling automatically
8/28/2017 8:54:04Terry MillerOtherGeneral Computer Softwarecomputer not working correctlycustodianComplete
8/28/2017 8:20:08Jacque TeeterOtherApple TVMy after school tutors woudl like to have an apple TV in Mrs. Trujillo old first grade room. If you have any problems finding it, just holler at me.
The room is empty during the day. Anytime is fine. It is next to the adventure room. The after school program starts September 5. THANK YOU!!
after school roomComplete
8/28/2017 8:09:00Stacy Dillinger5thComputer BagI had a zipper break off of one of the student computer bags. I need another. Thanks!5th GradeComplete
8/25/2017 14:48:49Brittany HemannOtherProjectorI would like to use my projector in my room, but I do not have an Apple TV or any other item to use interactively with my students.8-9 or 2-330
5th and 6th sped room
8/25/2017 9:52:17Bergkamp1stiPad1a 2 iPad was frozen on a screen and now it will not turn off/on. Screen is black even after I push the buttons. 1:40-2:40 any day
Last room on the right in first grade hall
8/25/2017 8:09:46Sydni RootOtherInternet connection
In the morning when I come in and open my computer it takes between 15-20 minutes for the internet to connect. It always connects but never right away.
Between 1100-1300
Elementary; Music room across from band room
8/24/2017 12:54:03Shelby EvansPre K/PreschoolipadsMy request says complete but my iPad cameras are still not disabled we restarted them too. anytimeECDCComplete
8/24/2017 7:48:06Barbara Concannon3rdProjectorMy air play goes off and on every time I use it. Any303Complete
8/23/2017 12:46:56Jennifer Fox4thStudent's Google acct. login I have 4 student's who can't access their google accounts to get to docs.Anytime
Somajia Otero, Kamryn Hall, Neftali Tinoco, Soe Lin Heger
4th GradeComplete
8/23/2017 12:09:09Bonnie LomaxOtherProjectorCan I get the TV hooked up to the projector pleaseMusic Room ECDCComplete
8/23/2017 10:33:45Shelby EvansPre K/PreschoolIpads
I think I need the cameral access on my classroom ipads to use the QR codes. I have QR listening stories this year and I lock my kids into to their ipads. So I am not worried about them taking pictures.
8/23/2017 9:08:50Lacy Giudicy6thstudent chargerCharger #10 & #12 in my computer cart will not work.any time6th HallwayComplete
8/22/2017 10:49:29Tonya Hill2ndGeneral Computer SoftwareI need two more cords for my ipads, pleaseComplete
8/22/2017 10:22:34Lacy Giudicy6thstudent computer chargerCharger #9 on my cart does not work.any time6th HallwayComplete
8/22/2017 10:09:41Teresa Lewis5thComputer Computer 5c#04 will only turn on when it is plugged in and even then it will shut off at times.5th grade hallwayComplete
8/22/2017 9:06:11Linda GoochOtherlunch computer not connectingcomputer not connectingKitchenComplete
8/22/2017 9:04:16Traci Goode4thiPadneed 10 ipads restored, messed up passwordsComplete
8/22/2017 8:47:44Susan EllsaesserOtherprinterI am unable to print.
If I know when you are coming I will be here, otherwise anytime works.
My office is in the 1st grade hallway.
8/22/2017 8:24:57Joyce LoseyKindergartenGeneral Computer SoftwareI have to keep shutting computer down because it freezes or won't connect to the internet.AnytimeECDCComplete
8/21/2017 16:31:55Theresa GerrondKindergartenApple TVWon't hook up. Says: Could not sign in. Your apple ID or password is incorrect.ANYTIMEECDCComplete
8/21/2017 14:15:04Theresa Cox6thstudent computerComputer 6C-11 - his login password is not working...he thinks he might have misspelled it to begin with! Complete
8/21/2017 14:14:10Theresa Cox6thGeneral Computer SoftwareComputer 6d 10 does not have Self-Service. (at least I can't find it!) She needs to download NWEA for tomorrow's testing. Complete
8/21/2017 11:20:35Jennifer Fox4thstudent computerJulian Rodriguez can't login to his computer. anytime14Complete
8/21/2017 8:16:21Kara Stump2ndInternet connectionStill having issues staying connected to the InternetanytimeCommons Area CornerCompletehopefuly this is finally resolved
8/20/2017 16:05:57Kara Stump2ndSpeaker Relocation
Okay Greg, after 2 days of my speakers "rattling the walls", when you have time can you please move my speakers to the front of my classroom? Hopefully it will be less distracting to the students and teachers who I share walls with. :)
anytime after 9:25Commons Area CornerComplete
8/18/2017 13:52:47Leisa Hittle4thAdd a computerNeed another computer, student added to classComplete
8/18/2017 13:27:41Susan EllsaesserOtherprinterI am unable to print to my printeranytime1st grade hallwayComplete
8/18/2017 13:05:47Carla KerbowKindergartenInternet connectionInternet keeps shutting off.2:30ECDCComplete
8/18/2017 10:40:28Beth Settlemyer4thGeneral Computer SoftwareI have a leap computer that is having all kinds of issues. Can you come here and help me asap please? I want my sub to use it while I am gone. asap4thComplete
8/18/2017 9:33:20Theresa Cox6thStudent computer
Isaac Martin's keyboard - the letter S - keeps falling off. Sometimes it works when typing and sometimes it doesn't. (His computer doesn't have a number on it.)
8/18/2017 8:52:162nd Grade Teachers2ndNeeding speakers for this roomWe are going to use my OLD classroom as a resource room. We will need to use the Apple TV, Projector and will need speakers. Anytime
Mrs. Stump's OLD classroom
CompleteLeft speaker on back counter
8/18/2017 8:49:16Kara Stump2ndInternet connectionKeep getting knocked of the internet. If I restart my computer, it reconnects me but only for a short time. Anytime
Beside the Commons Area
CompleteSet Static IP on WAP
8/18/2017 8:46:26Christina WilliamsOtherGeneral Computer Software
We keep getting popups on our computer and it runs really slow. We have tried clearing the browsing history and it doesn't help. I can't find anything about a pop up blocker or anything.
anytimeNurses OfficeCompleteChrome issue. Using Safari
8/17/2017 15:13:23Stacy Dillinger5thGeneral Computer Software
When we went to set-up class computers, we came to a screen that said, "This Mac will be configured automatically by "Hugoton Public Schs USD 210"" - I have 14 computers that we could not get set-up. I made a stack of them on one of my tables so they were easy to identify.
Today afterschool or Tomorrow before school or at 10
5th Grade HallComplete
8/17/2017 8:51:06Lacy Giudicy6thStudent computerDuring setup, the computer has a desktop with writing all down the left side. Keeps restarting. As soon as possible.
Computer 66 18
6th HallwayComplete
8/17/2017 8:46:00Hannah Abernathy4themailCould you please create an email account for my newest paraprofessional, Kasie Reeves. Thank you!
4th grade hallway - special education classroom
8/17/2017 7:27:45Lacy Giudicy6thStudent computerI need 2 student computers and 1 chargerAs soon as possible6th HallwayComplete
8/17/2017 6:34:50Susie scottPre K/PreschoolSoundI need 4 adapters for headphones to plug in to ipadsAnyEcdcCompleteHad to order. None in supply.
8/16/2017 15:36:54Settlemyer4thcomputer I need two more computers please! asap4th Complete
8/16/2017 15:36:14Fox 4thcomputer I need one more computer please. asap4th Complete
8/16/2017 15:16:57Leisa Hittle4thNeed 4 more computersNeed 4 more computersComplete
8/16/2017 14:35:10Sarah Kitzke1stGeneral Computer Software
I need for my printer default settings to be changed to print single sided. When I print from word, etc. I cannot get it to print single sided. This is a problem when I need to print a several page long document that I need a separate/ different page for each student. Thank you!
Anytime1st Grade HallwayComplete
8/16/2017 14:12:33Maria JimenezOtherPrinterIs not picking up paperanytimeOfficePrint to copier
8/16/2017 12:42:21Elise HegerOtherCopierThe copier is not sending scans to emailanytime
Intermediate Workroom
8/15/2017 13:17:32Laura BoeseKindergartenNeed another iPad chargerNeed a replacement iPadKindergartenComplete
8/15/2017 13:16:11Theresa GerrondKindergartenNeed another iPad chargeriPad chargerKindergartenComplete
8/15/2017 13:14:43Jacque TeeterOtherPrinter SetupNeed printer setupAfter School RoomComplete
8/14/2017 14:32:03Anthony Davis6thComputersHey guys, I need 2 extra computers, 2 chargers, and 6 computer cases. Thank you! Any time works. DavisComplete
8/14/2017 11:32:44Sue Omo1stInternet connectionWould you please add the Zearn App to my 6 ipads? Students will be using this program daily beginning this Thursday. Thank you! ANYTIME Complete
8/14/2017 8:16:08Bonnie LomaxOtherGeneral Computer Softwaretrying to put CDs on iTunes and it will not copy more than 25 tracks???ElementaryComplete
8/13/2017 14:27:59Carla KerbowKindergartenApple TVThe sound is cutting out when I play music. I have restarted and refreshed my airplay.AnytimeECDCComplete
Tested audio and video. Worked. Could not duplicate problem.
8/13/2017 14:25:01Stacy Dillinger5thComputer BagI need 3 more computer bags for students.Anytime5th Grade HallComplete
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