Technology Fellow Application Form

Before you start the application process, please make sure you have met all of the Eligibility Requirements. All applicants must:

* Be a South Dakota resident
* Be a full-time, undergraduate, degree-seeking student
* Complete at least 30 credit hours/academic year (Fall, Spring and Summer) while in the program
* Earn satisfactory grades and make satisfactory progress towards graduation
* Have proficiency, or the ability to gain proficiency, in information technology experience and skills to help assist faculty
* Maintain a GPA of 3.00 during the time spent in the program

If you are eligible, please complete all sections below. In addition to completing this form, you may also submit a resume to the CTL (

    You cannot proceed with the application process if you do not satisfy all three conditions above.
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    You cannot proceed until you agree to the verification of your residency and academic records.
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