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What is "Early Certification"?
Choose this option if you would like to have your classes certified before the first week of school. Changing your enrollment/course schedule will delay your VA benefits.
Would you like to be certified early?
Elect the term in which you would like to be certified early.
What does "Do Not Certify" mean?
Choose this option if you DO NOT want to use your VA benefits for the selected term. This means that your classes will not be submitted to the VA and you will not receive your VA education benefits for the terms selected. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FINAL QUESTION REGARDING THE TERMS YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE CERTIFIED FOR.
Do you want to be placed on the "Do Not Certify" list?
If you elected "Do Not Certify," please indicate the terms which you DO NOT want to use your VA education benefits. (Check all that apply.)
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