EOTC - High Risk Event
Proposal and Approval process for High Risk EOTC events.

Please note that a High Risk Event proposal can take a considerable amount of time to prepare. We recommend that before starting this you have sufficient time available to complete it. If, however, something interrupts the process you can modify the proposal on the shared document that will be generated by submitting this form.
Event Title *
Do you agree to ensure that all aspects of risk management are completed prior to the commencement of the event?
We recognise that there may be aspects of the event that you can not finalise at the time of applying for consent. In these cases approval will be given pending your conformation that the following will occur: (1) Transportation requirements met... Fully Licensed drivers, REG & WOF vehicles, correct number of passengers (2) Parent volunteer forms are completed and returned. (3) Information to parents and consent forms are provided and returned. (4) The Trips planner form is completed and handed to the office. (5) Food safety requirements will be adhered to. (6) Adult to student ratios are appropriate for the event. (7) In the event of a serious incident we will inform the school and the parents as soon as practically possible.
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qualifications and/or specific experiences relevant to the planned trip
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Other adults participating
Relevant experience and qualifications of the other adults participating
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Student Information
Add names and brief details of students with special behaviour, educational or medical needs
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