2017 UNIVERSITY LAKE SCHOOL Summer Tutoring and Math Labs
Keep your child sharp over the summer by utilizing our fantastic University Lake School faculty!


(1) Tutoring: Tutors will contact you to create a personalized schedule.

NANCY BICHA-DALE – English, History, Enviro, Bio or Psychology (MS & US Students)
DAVE BIELOT – AP Art Portfolio Students
MARK BRONNER – Algebra I & II, Geometry, and Preview Calculus or Stats
LORI ECKERT – Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Study Skills (K-12), Math (K-8), ACT Prep (7th-12th), and Grade Improvement for English courses and World History courses (US Students)
ROBYNN HORNER – Spanish (all grades/levels)
COURTNEY HUDSON – Reading and Writing (5th-10th grade)
BARBARA LANDA – Spanish (grades 7th-12th)
ALLIE REEDER – English & Strategies - Organizational, Studying, Testing (6th-12th grade)
NATE SMITH – Algebra I & II, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, and Physics
PETE WILSON – Math (4th-6th grade)
ANN ZAKSZEWSKI – Reading, Writing, Math, and School Readiness (LS students)

1-Hour Session: $58
6-Pack of 1-Hour Sessions: $335
6-Pack of 1-Hour Shared Sessions: $250

(2) MS MATH LAB (incoming 5th-7th grade) with Cathy Debbink
This lab offers both a review and preview of skills necessary for success in math. Students can benefit from remedial work, or simply keep their math skills sharp.

MS Math Lab Week 1: July 10th-14th
MS Math Lab Week 2: July 17th-21st

10:30-12:00pm ($140)

(3) US Math Lab (incoming 8th-12th grade) with Mark Bronner
Upper School math lab allows students to preview or review Algebra I, Algebra II, and/or Geometry concepts. Students must be able to work independently and ask pertinent questions. Students who wish to retake an entire semester of a math class must attend three hours of class per day for a three week period in order to raise their grade.

US Math Lab Week 1: June 19th-23rd
US Math Lab Week 2: June 26th-30th
US Math Lab Week 3: July 10th-14th
US Math Lab Week 4: July 17th-21st
US Math Lab Week 5: July 24th-28th

9:00-10:30am ($140)
10:30-12:00pm ($140)
9:00-12:00pm ($280)

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