3D Animation Usage Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for game developers who have experience making games with 3d animated human or human-like characters. It's primarily meant for people who have been in touch with animation related aspects of such games as animator, programmer, technical artist, or similar.
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Defining in-place animation versus animation in world space

In-place animation is when a character is animated walking or running on the spot, without actually moving forward. If the animation is looped by itself, the character will walk or run on the spot continuously without popping, and without getting anywhere. Animation in world space is animated so the character is moving forward in the world as a part of the animation. If the animation is looped by itself, the character will pop back to the starting position at the looping point.

Defining movement in the game world driven by root motion versus by gameplay logic / physics

In a game where characters are driven by root motion, the animation dictates the movement in the world. If the running animation for a character is replaced with a faster running animation, the character will automatically move faster in the game without changing any code. It may be possible to tweak or alter the motion by code, but by default the motion comes from the animations. In a game where characters are driven purely by gameplay logic and/or physics, the animation does not have any effect on the movement in the world. The character will move with the speed defined in the code or in come configuration/settings, regardless of what the animations looks like.

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