UIBSPL Customer Sample Survey: Mobile Gadgets
Basic Necessities of Human Life have been re-defined with the Electronic & wireless revolution. Today, Mobile Handset ranks in number second to Oxygen in terms of basic necessities as any man/woman cannot afford to lose the "connectivity”. Techno-savvy generations have captured the whole world into their Mobile Handsets.

The sample Survey has objectives of bringing on record the real needs of the customers so that they can be satisfied by the original Equipment Manufacturers and the Line operators. The objectives are to feel the gaps & fill them up through this feedback for necessary action/corrective steps. Apart from Electronic and Telecommunication difficulties today, the customers have lots of difficulties in retrieving the Data, Mobile payment, accessories, availability of spares, Repair shops, Insurance, Warranties etc.

Face to Face interaction is better than the online communication as this is not the opinion-poll or voting for the competition on TV. The sample survey is done with the objectives of enriching the experience of customers while using the mobile phones.

You are requested to fill in the Survey form in the larger interests of Mobile users by taking holistic view of 360° angle, in providing end to end services. Your critical observations on the services rendered shall only add values to the findings of the Survey for market Research.

Thanking you,
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Mobile –Vertical.,
Universal Insurance Brokers Services Pvt. Ltd.

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