Welcome to 2017 Youth Academy Café for International Students.
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Welcome to 2017 Youth Academy Café for International Students. The Youth Academy Café, is a program of UNI’s Institute for Youth Leaders which seeks to capture youth voices on innumerable issues and concerns related to youth populations. The Institute for Youth Leaders uses the platform of Youth Academy Café to advanced its doing mission of service to the community and research to provide an opportunity to enhance a meaningful dialogue.
Youth represent the future of the UNI international alumni society and your contribution to advance UNI’s programs is very valuable. Your voices should not be ignored. This event is an effort to engage us in a meaningful dialogue and conversation. Our conversation will provide information which would be published in scholarly journals. We therefore appreciate your voluntary participation in this event.


On each tables there is a table top displays of the questions we will be discussing. Each table would be addressing one research question at a time. The facilitators sitting with you will engage each group to promote conversation and dialogue. The recorder personnel sitting with you will manually record information to be presented to the overall facilitator during “The Harvest”. There is no audio recording. Conversation on a given question will last for about 15 minutes. You would then be enabled to move to other locations to explore other questions.

Benefits to students.

You will be provided with gift bags and T-shirts to mark this experience. You will be free to enjoy snacks, soda and coffee offered during this event. We ultimately want to promote a sense of being in a café.


Risk for participation is no greater than everyday life.


Each group facilitator have human participant’s protection training and have professional experiences in doing social science research. Every effort will be made to protect your confidentially. Identifiers (name and emails) will not be recorded as part of the information you provide during this event. Direct quotes without names or identifiers may be used in presenting the results. Names and emails will be kept separate from the data collected during the discussions. No identifying information will be reported with the results. The investigators and the facilitators will maintain confidentiality. All participants of the cafe will be encouraged to keep shared information confidential. However, we cannot guarantee that other participants of the cafe may share information outside the cafe. Right to Refuse or Withdraw: Participation in the Youth Academy Cafe is voluntary. You may refuse to participate or may discontinue participation at any time during the project without penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

If you have questions about this event or you want more information in the future regarding your participation or general information about this event, feel free to contact Marie Adebiyi at the Institute for Youth Leaders by email elombmaa@uni.edu, or Dr. Christopher Edginton at the School of Kinesiology, Health and Human Services University of Northern IOWA 319 273 2840. If you have any questions about your rights to participate, you may contact Anita Gordon anita.gordon@uni.edu in the Office of Research to discuss them.

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