UndocuBlack Resources
Since the undocuBlack community, while resilient, has been under restraints when it comes to accessing resources to support our survival and progress, members of the UndocuBlack Network have begun working on a guide to connect undocuBlack people to much needed resources.

We are asking for your support to achieve this vision as we gather information on resources accessible to our undocuBlack community. Some resources we have been investigating, but are not limited to, are: health and mental wellness providers, legal services, scholarships, grants, and housing services for homeless and low-income people.

If you are aware of and/or connected to any low cost or free resources that can be utilized by anyone regardless of immigration status or race, please complete this form with the necessary information. The UndocuBlack Network will compile these resources and make it available to UndocuBlack Network members. Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to working with you.

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What categories of resources are you aware of and/or connected to? *
Please list free or low cost healthcare providers that are accessible to anyone regardless of immigration status.
(Please specify if any of these resources are open to DACA recipients only. If they are region or state specific, please state where they can be of service)
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Please list available free or low cost mental wellness providers that will work with patients regardless of immigration status and are culturally competent to work with the Black community.
(Please specify if any of these resources are open to DACA recipients only.)
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Please list reputable free or low cost legal service providers.
(Providers may focus on immigration, housing, criminal, family law or other areas)
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List scholarships that are accessible to anyone regardless of immigration status or racial identity.
(Please specify if any of these scholarships are region specific or are open to DACA recipients only.)
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List organizations or resources that can assist with persons struggling with housing stability
It is important that these organizations do not require a social security number or proof of citizenship to assist people looking for housing
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If there are resources that have not been mentioned that you believe will benefit the undocuBlack community, please list them here
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